Denigrating bachelors


06 May 2006

Women who declare that they don’t intend on getting married, who sneer at the idea of “being lumbered to some man” and insist they don’t need a guy, are hailed as strong and independent.

Yet men who declare that they don’t intend on getting married, who declare they do not need a woman, are denounced as sad, cynical, unromantic, losers, and probably gay and/or poorly endowed to boot.


How the media imagine spinsters live

You see this belief primarily shoved down out throat via the feminized media.

In adverts, television and movies, bachelors are invariably portrayed as slobs who live in filthy apartments and are miserable and lonely, whilst single women (they’re never described as spinsters these days) are shown to be organised and living in perfectly neat homes with perfectly neat and happy lives. Of course, this is mainly to appeal to female viewers and consumers; women – especially single ones – don’t want to see single career women who are miserable and depressed so such women are rarely shown (one of the few exceptions is the teacher Edna Krabappel in The Simpsons; she’s miserable, lives in a one-bedroom apartment, her biological clock is ticking and she once memorably snapped at Lisa: “This is nothing but dead, white male-bashing from a PC thug. It’s women like you that keep the rest of us from landing a husband.“)

But otherwise, single women are portrayed as being happy with their lot, and indeed better off without men, and single men are portrayed as bumbling losers desperately in need of a wife or girlfriend.


How spinsters imagine bachelors live

The portrayal of bachelors being losers is put forth in the media to appeal to women, and it in turn fuels this belief in women out here in the real world by supposedly proving it (many women these days seem to think that the media is an accurate representation of the real world; if men are losers on TV, then women believe this proves men are losers in real life.)

I frequently encounter women who hold the belief that us men are useless on our own.

“What would you do without us women, eh?”
“You should get married, you need a woman in your life.”
“I can’t think how you men cope without us.”

These women truly shove their head in the sand to avoid noticing that it is them and their fellow spinsters who moan constantly about not being able to find a man to commit whilst us men are quite content being single and not having to bother with the hassles, expense, nagging and emotional manipulation of a modern woman.

There is a fair amount of shaming going on in the media in this respect too. Films like 40 Year Old Virgin and Failure To Launch are just the start of what will no doubt be a wave of movies trying to perpetuate the belief that bachelors are pathetic losers who ought to get out there and get themselves lumbered married to a woman. Expect the shaming to be cranked up as more and more women panic as the Marriage Strike takes hold.

It’s all too late though; few of us men bother with movies these days, and furthermore, even if we did watch movies, only manginas and metrosexuals bother adapting their lifestyles to suit the beliefs of Hollywood freaks.

Women cannot possibly accept that they have made themselves redundant by rejecting femininity and embracing feminism, hostility and an extreme sense of entitlement. So, to convince themselves that Mr Right is just round the corner, ready to rescue them from their shitty jobs and responsibility of having to provide for themselves, women live in some fantasy world whereby all the bachelors out there are living in filthy apartments, or with their parents, and are pining desperately for a woman in their lives.

If they ever encounter a man who is happy being a bachelor, who sincerely doesn’t want or need a woman, then out comes the shaming language, insults and accusations of homosexuality. Not that it bothers us bachelors though. In fact, the more women utter such panicky insults (some stupid bitch e-mailed me last month accusing me of being ugly and gay) the more happy I am at not being attached – emotionally or legally – to one of these infernal creatures.

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