Feminism’s widening circle of misery


04 April 2006

One of the first things the feminist movement did was to take over and infest education and the media in order to do two things to girls; first, they told girls that having a career is fucking ace; empowering, enjoyable, liberating and just generally much better than that housewife/mother stuff. This is true for some women to whom professional work comes naturally, but not many. Then feminists raised girl’s expectations to supernatural limits, to the point where they claim women can do – and have – anything and everything all at the same time.

This, of course, is all bollocks.

You can tell the absurdity of this on the way to work each morning if you use public transport. All the single career girls sit on the bus or train looking infinitely more miserable than the male commuters. The women trudge forlornly in their high-heels as they approach looming office blocks. In the office it’s the same; those women under 25 are invariably enthusiastic, probably because they’ve only been in the workforce for a year or two after doing some worthless degree, as well as the fact that they no doubt believe that a handsome and wealthy knight will rescue them from work when it gets too boring. However, things change very quickly. As the big three-zero approaches, work gets boring, requests for dates begin to fade away and that handsome and wealthy knight isn’t around the next corner – or, if he is, he’s either not interested in marriage or is looking to marry a young woman. Furthermore ’33’ does not fit his definition of ‘young’.

Past 30 it’s miserable old spinster time, where being a working girl is a tedious nightmare, more akin to The Office than Sex & The City, and not even the clunking of the photocopier can drown out the ticks and tocks of that biological clock. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be for women. But it is. Oops.

It’s different with us men. We may not be dancing with joy to work and burbling with ecstatic happiness at the sight of another day. But we take things in our stride.

For starters, this is because of expectations. We know that, regardless of whether we’re bachelors, co-habiting, married, seperated or divorced, that we’re going to have to work. We could win the lottery or find an actual woman who will support us, but neither are very likely. We’re going to have to work full-time and that’s that. Maybe we can retire early, but that will mean being extra industrious for a good few decades at least. We never expect to marry after a decade then retire to the sofa to watch telly or take a spouse’s credit-cards on a daily spending spree round the shops, so unlike women – who invariably do anticipate this – we’re hardly upset when it doesn’t happen. It never occurs to us that it will.

Also, we rarely hold the opinion that working life will be superb fun because reality hits boys a bit quicker. A lot of women grow up holding onto the crap that’s been drummed into them since they were kids, that careers are all great fun and being a career girl means being a journalist, politician, Nobel Prize winning scientist or whatever. Us men, however, are usually barely into our teens when we realise that we can’t all be racing car drivers, astronauts, pop-stars…we’ll probably be doing some rather boring job like our dads most likely did. Therefore we’re less likely than women to be shocked when we find ourselves in a job we don’t find terribly interesting; we know that jobs are a means to an end, namely wages, rather than enjoyable life-affirming empowering paths to fulfillment, or whatever feminists seem to insist they are. Coupled with this is the fact that, in general, us men are more naturally suited to competition and striving for success in industry and business than women.

Another factor is that us men are generally more stoic than women. We can accept that some things are beyond our control, or that it’s a bit daft to expect every day of our lives to be orgasm-inducingly fun. I don’t know who first uttered the phrase “Shit happens” – it might have been Shakespeare (“Ye shit doth happen”) or Plato (“Shittus happenuss”) – but one thing’s for sure, it’s was a guy. No female could be so accepting that life isn’t perfect and that there isn’t someone, somewhere, to blame and nag for this imperfection. Obviously us men are traditionally great at being pro-active, at changing things, at grabbing the world by it’s bollocks and adapting it in some way, but at the same time we can accept that to do so is not always feasible, practical or necessarily legal. So we’re better adapted at accepting things, like the fact that you need a salary to survive and you need to do a job you may not like to get that salary.

On the other hand women have been told working is great fun and on the off-chance it isn’t, there will surely be plenty of guys out there desperate to marry and provide for women. Except, of course, there ‘aint.

Us men are also better at accepting our own faults. If we spend our lives travelling and partying, then in our old age we regret not having settled down and having a family, we’re more than likely to realise that it was our choice to have a wild lifestyle and so accept it. Women, having been fed all this bullshit about having it all, and with feminism having taught them to blame men or The Patriarchy for everything, and that they themselves are beyond fault, are seemingly incapable of this self-criticism. You see it all the time with thirtysomething career girls who rage against men for not wanting to marry them, when these women could have landed a guy in their twenties when they, stupidly, put all their efforts into their crappy career and sneered at the idea of marriage. The same goes for young women who ignore decent guys and go after thugs, then get pregnant and ditched and then, in their thirties, as used up sluts with a snotty illegitimate brat in tow, are unable to blame themselves for their subsequent inability to find a ‘nice guy’ who is willing to save marry them.

Against all the evidence (and despite contradicting themselves round every corner) feminists love to insist that the differences between the sexes are all based on upbringing. Differences are, in fact, based in biology. However, these differences can be warped or exaggerated through education.

We have seen this warping in females. They are told they should be more like men and strive for careers and wealth and nevermind all that having-children and housewife nonsense. It is drummed into them that working is fantastic fun. They are lied to and told women can have kids beyond their thirties and, more laughably, are told men fall over themselves to marry worn-out thirtysomething career girls, lies perpetuated in Chick Flicks. It’s therefore rather shocking for them when their natural instincts tend to kick in and they get somewhat broody. Their jaws drop when, whilst busy cooing over a friend’s baby, they suddenly sense that their biological clock is ticking down jolly quickly, and furthermore it’s been over year since a guy last asked them out.

It’s also horrifying for modern Western women to discover the reality that men’s desires conform to nature, not feminist ideology, namely that guys are biologically and instinctively compelled to seek women aged 27 (the peak of female fertility) and under as wives, and not those over 30, and certainly not ones who will want to dump their babies in daycare centres whilst they get on with playing career girl. Furthermore, although feminism taught that promiscuity is fine and liberating for women, men do not seem to agree, and women often find out all too late that, once she has slept with several guys, and especially if she’s got children already, all but the most desperate and pitiful of men would want them. Feminism also taught women that men/The Patriarchy are to blame for everything, creating a large number of women who never change their attitudes or behaviour even when it harms her from attaining whatever dreams she has at the time; just witness career girls desperate for a husband who compound their chances of forever being childless spinsters by raging against men and insulting them at every opportunity, driving men further away. Not that Western women can entirely excuse themselves by simply blaming feminism for indoctrinating them; women have far too many excuses as it is. Common sense would tell them quite quickly feminism is a lie and a hate movement that does not have their best interests at heart in the long run, yet they still blunder down its path.

On the other hand, the constant denigration and emasculation of boys in schools and in the media may have created some young men who are nothing but simpering manginas, but it has, to a much greater degree, inadvertently created a generation of men whose naturally stoic nature has been cruelly and forcefully exaggerated into apathy, and in more and more cases, into sneering fatalism.

Male ingenuity and drive was previously harnessed by society by rewarding them with a place at the head of the family and with the fruits of their labour; now they can be thrown out of their homes, cut off from their children and robbed, over and over again, by ex-wives, ex-girlfriends or just some slut who lied on a one-night-stand about being on the pill. Increasingly raised by young single mothers – most of whom are, to be quite blunt, ill-educated, amoral and as thick as shit – and with schoolteachers made up of female teachers who are often contemptuous of boys (and male ones with the same attitude), boys find themselves not caring about a society that fails to care about anyone without a vagina, and looking for male role-models amongst thuggish rap-stars, criminals and gangsters.

The denigration of boys and the removal of their sense of worth, identity and place in society by feminism and their lackeys, and giving girls false and unrealistic hopes and pushing them into male roles, are the greatest crimes feminism has produced, due to the fucked up nature of the men and women it has produced and current state of relationships between the sexes – or, rather, the increasing lack of relationships between them.

Today, in the feminist/socialist warped Western World, we have more and more women realising work doesn’t suit them but usually only after they’re too old to attract a husband and have children anyway. And we have more and more young men who – assuming they get through adolescence without killing themselves, turning to drugs, becoming criminals or just blowing their whole fucking school away for the sheer bloody-mindedness of it – feel no attachment to society and are cast adrift in a shitty matriarchy whose only use for males is that of labour to be harnessed, wealth to be stolen and undeserved blame to be taken.

Feminism has caused nothing but misery…and even us men, normally stoic and unlikely to complain, need to register our displeasure in the most simple and effective way possible, by withdrawing what feminists and their political lackeys want from us; our wealth and labour. Likewise, to teach them a lesson for betraying us so viciously, withdraw from Western Women want they want (and, indeed, demand) from us men; affection, attention and above all our presence. Contrary to what they say, we can live without them. We’ll come back when we feel like it, if at all.

Take it easy, don’t work too hard – or at all if you can get away with it – and instead of spending money on crap you don’t need or on crap for some girlfriend you don’t need, save it up and invest it or to help you emigrate to a country that will appreciate you.

And don’t get married. Obviously.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:11 PM

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous said…

An excellent summary of the problem.


At 6:16 PM, Anonymous said…

Your best post, Duncan. Clearly explained and with a unavoidable logic.


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