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11 April 2006

Research warns of ‘macho’ MBAs

Among thrusting would-be executives, aggression is seen as good. Unfortunately, academics say, this “macho” culture — and the way some MBAs reinforce it — is out of touch with the modern workplace.

Researchers from the Brunel University Business School, one of Britain’s leading MBA institutions, called in their report for the qualification to be “feminized,” teaching future business leaders the value of personal relations and negotiation as well as just hard-nosed control.

Business leaders in India, China and Dubai must be pissing themselves with laughter reading this sort of stuff.

An analysis of MBA courses led researchers to conclude that so-called “harder'” analytical skills are often prioritized to the detriment of talents often associated with women, in particular the likes of listening, trust building skills and adaptability.

Holy shit. Please, please someone tell me this isn’t a parody of some sort!

How the fuck do these people think that businesses get to be successful? By listening, trust building and adaptability? No, it’s by analytical skills and competition.

This demented rubbish is almost beneath comment it’s so stupid, but the sad fact is that these sort of further feminization of institutions is going to seriously damage the West even further.

The feminist research group’s basic intentions can be best summed up by the pathetic quote from some fuckwit called Ruth Simpson:

“With a steadily increasing female workforce, it is time to prepare managers for the ‘real world’.”

This may need translation for greater clarity:

“With a steadily increasing female workforce, it is time to emasculate men and reduce all that horrible competition so that women can keep up with men, something women can’t do on a level playing field.

Note the arrogance the way this woman declares that managers and businesses are seemingly not in ‘the real world’, when in fact it’s stupid feminist whores like her who aren’t in the real world.

This highlights perfectly the motives of feminists: to make their own disgusting ideology take over reality.

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