Laughing at spinsters and single mums

29 April 2006


Being on the Marriage Strike isn’t just a case of protecting your assets and safeguarding your future, it’s a fucking great laugh as well.

We’ve had decades of women spewing contemptuous bile at us men, declaring us to be useless, that marriage is slavery for them, that the male of the species is totally redundant and obsolete.

How funny it is, now that they are shitting their big Bridget Jones pants at the prospect of dying childless spinsters, to give them what they and their hairy spokeswomyn demanded; our absence.

There’s a woman at my workplace who I heard the other day utter the old cliché: “where are all the good men?” This woman is 37, fat, smells of grease, has a tramp-stamp and two illegitimate brats by two different men. I’ll tell you where the good men are, Jabba the Slut; they’re hiding under the table when you thunder past on the hunt for some sucker to pay off your credit-card bill and let you retire from your shitty job.

Remember; every man who refuses to marry means another woman who has to work until she’s 65 before dying a childless spinster. This is worthy and just punishment for women, who have turned on us this last half-century in such a traitorous and disgusting manner. Grind their fucking faces into the soil of spinsterhood. Make them vomit on their own narcissism. Bwhahaha! My sympathy has no beginning.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:55 PM

At 4:07 PM, Chris said…

hey there, I felt the need to leave a comment for the sake of all women like me…See, I am one of the in-between, I am neither a man hating feminist spinster, not a man devouring baby pumping slag (I’m 22 and have no kids, thank god). I think you make some fair points on here, although your language and general attitude do kinda take away from the point you are trying to make. Anyway I just wanted to make sure you dont think all women are like the women you portray on your site. I am neither morally outraged, nor do I feel the need to go and start a club of ‘likeminded’ annoying old biddies to bitch about men. You dont think we are all like that do you? anyway, keep on ranting, it’s better than not.


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