22 April 2006

The rantings of a young man in a feminized society

A very promising blog recently started out by a 25-year-old guy from New York. Well worth checking out.

I like to mess with women mentally, so I gave her a backhanded compliment. I told her that her butt looks great, and that it doesn’t need anymore toning. Yup, she was responsive to that, that’s what she wanted to hear. Then I added “I mean, your glutes are definitely not bad for a woman your age, how old are you, 55, 60 maybe. That can pass for a 50 year olds butt.” She got visibly upset and said she was 40. I said, “Oh, sorry, I’m not good with guessing ages.” Conversation over. Fuck off bitch.

Heh heh!

Here’s the introduction that you may like to read through first.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:18 PM


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