Males and women


02 May 2006

Kitten News has some very interesting comments about something called “The Boys Project”, particularly this observation about the frequent use of the term ‘male’:

Can you see where their thinking is coming from?

They want to help “young males”.

Not boys.

Not young men.

But “young males”.

This use of PC gender talk is typical of feminist-left academics. They’re so used to talking about men and boys in a dehumanising manner that perhaps they can’t even see their glaring misuse of language.

Young males indeed!

Young male what?

Young male dogs?

Young male cockroaches?

Young male scum?

The use of the PC gender term male is often insisted upon in academic circles, whilst the words girls and women are promoted at every opportunity in deference to female. And in the media too.

There was one of many examples today in this news story:

Male remains found in undergrowth.

He’s referred to as a ‘man’ in the story itself, but in the headline it’s just ‘male’. Like it was merely the corpse of some animal that was found.

The story itself is buried deep down in the BBC’s website. It’s not even amongst the top stories for the local region.

A female – sorry, woman – is found dead and it’s front page news. A mere male is found and it’s of little concern to the media.

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