More demands for equal pay for less work


25 April 2006

Wimbledon provokes equal pay row

Wimbledon’s decision to resist equal pay for its women’s champion has led to a barrage of criticism from tennis greats.

Note the usual bullshit crap spouted by whining women and manginas:

Wimbledon should do the right thing and award all women’s players equal pay to the men…finally pay the women the same as the men…it is morally indefensible that women competitors in a grand slam tournament should be receiving considerably less prize money than their male counterparts…I don’t understand the rationale for paying the men more than us.

Being tennis players, these manginas and whores should be aware of something that even I – a person who hates tennis – fucking well knows:

…men play best-of-five set matches, while the women play best-of-three.

Women don’t play as much. They don’t earn as much.

Simple. As. That.

Still too difficult for a lot of women to understand though. Or rather, the concept of doing equal work in order to get equal pay runs into the brick wall of their sense of entitlement.

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