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10 May 2006

Davout, a great new anti-feminist blog.

In particular check out this post, evidently a response to women’s loud and sneering complaints that there are not enough “good” (i.e. ambitious, hardworking and rich) men lining up to marry them:

It’s quite astonishing for the average woman to pontificate on who is lazy and who isn’t, especially when her ponderous carcass is surrounded by the creations of men, made either directly or indirectly for the benefit of women! She would never have gotten to where she is in life without (a) taxes – 80 % of which originates from male wallets and subsidizes female laziness/apathy/homicidal tendencies otherwise known as daycare, welfare and abortion (b) affirmative action without which she probably wouldn’t have a sniff of either college or a job since she would be exposed to actual competition, (c) tacit approval of indulgent parents (d) open support of judicial and educational system which unabashedly genuflects at the altar of the feminist divine.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:13 PM


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