Pregnant at 11


12 May 2006

Boy charged over child pregnancy

A 15-year-old boy is being prosecuted in connection with the case of a girl who fell pregnant at the age of 11.

The girl from West Lothian – who would become one of the UK’s youngest mothers – told a newspaper that she was looking forward to having her child.

Strange how, although it supposedly “takes two to tango”, only the boy ends up in court whilst the girl gets tonnes of sympathy and attention, even though it is clear this little slut was willing and consenting to a quick drunken fuck with some local lad.

Hell, she’s fucking proud to be expecting her own bundle of bastard.

She said she was looking forward to motherhood and hopes she has a boy when she gives birth.

Even her mother is proud of her slutbag daughter.

Her 34-year-old mother told the newspaper: “I’m not ashamed of my daughter at all – in fact, I’m proud of her for keeping her baby.”

No mention of a dad either. Hardly surprising. Single-mother slut raises another single-mother slut.

The newspaper said the girl smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day.

How the fuck can she afford that? I used to smoke 10 a day and I quit because it cost too much. Then again, I suppose welfare benefits will take care of that.

Note all that crap about raising sex education standards and such shit. No-one dare actually say that this slut’s fucking mother should have taught her daughter a bit about the birds and the bees, not to mention stopping her from going out and getting drunk with a load of older boys.

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