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01 April 2006

Russia looks to its fathers

This report about the state trying to raise the birth rate in Russia typically misses the blatantly obvious fact that socialism and feminism are responsible for plummeting birth rates and not “the trickledown effect of oil and gas prosperity” as the BBC attempts to claim it is.

The main theme is that of men dying so young but predictably it doesn’t give a shit about the men themselves, just the effects this may have on womenandchildren ™.

What really struck me was this quote from some professor:

Professor Serov is cautiously optimistic about the chances of Russian men changing their lifestyle – though the obstetrician appears to be generally more impressed by the willpower of the mothers he has seen over the decades.

“I used to joke to my students that if men gave birth, the human race would have died out a long time ago,” he says.

“Women have a selflessness that men just do not possess.”

Fuck you professor. Fuck you and your fucking mother for bringing such a big twatting self-hating spaz like you into the world.

By the way I hate the often-repeated claims that begin “If men gave birth then…” because it simply doesn’t make logical sense.

If men gave birth they would be women! Obviously!

So any argument that begins “If men gave birth…” is illogical and void. It’s like saying “If men were women then…” It doesn’t make sense.

Also, I think Professor Mangina might like to note the selflessness of men who die protecting their children, but then I doubt if he notices anything that puts men in a good light, the mangina cunt.

Furthermore I bet most of his male students drop out after getting tired of their professor insisting that they’re selfish losers just to impress the female students, who he no doubt molests after class.

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