16 May 2006

Western Women still continue to labour under the belief that us men are redundant and useless, that us men need women but they don’t need us, and are somehow better off without us.

Yet all I encounter are women who moan that their boyfriends still haven’t proposed, that they can’t find a man willing to commit, or that they can’t even find a man who’ll take them on their first date in years. Their desperation for a man grows increasingly frantic every year.

I’m increasingly encountering more and more guys who, like me, are content to be bachelors, who are fully aware of all the benefits singlehood brings, and an increasing number of men – even those in their early 20s, the age when us guys are at our horniest and most likely to chase endlessly after women – who now prefer to just avoid women altogether and spend the weekend hanging out with their mates or playing video games rather than deal with the drunken foul-mouthed entitlement-whore slappers that laughably pass for women in Britain today.

All across the Western World, despite the shaming language being wielded by the big guns of the movie industry and political commentators, men are avoiding marriage and women altogether. Men are living on their own, with mates, or staying with their parents, and not giving a shit – or indeed even listening – to the shaming language hurled out by women and manginas that they should go out and get married.

Women are ending up single and childless, and are thoroughly miserable. They comfort themselves with Prozac, ice cream and stupid romantic comedies. They flick through bridal magazines then go home and hope the guy they had a one-night-stand with last month may have finally left a message on their answering machine.

Us men are happily remaining single. Perhaps we plan on going abroad to marry and have kids at some point in the future, or maybe just to stick around here and laugh as the matriarchy collapses. We pity those remaining guys we see being dragged around shops watching their wives piss away their savings on shoes and handbags. Then we get back to our own free and easy lives, free to work hard, make money and spend it on what we want, or, on the other hand, free to take it easy, earn enough just to get us – and us alone – by on and remain free of stress with plenty of leisure time.

Finally, just try and think; have you ever heard a man say “I wish I could find a woman who will commit to me”, and have you ever heard a woman (especially one over the age of 28) say “Oh God, my boyfriend is pushing me for commitment, time to dump him, I don’t want to be married!”

So ladies – and I use the term loosely – who, I ask, are the redundant ones again?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:18 PM


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