Soon, men may be held responsible if their wives kill themselves

16 May 2006

Husband not culpable for suicide

A husband who allegedly subjected his wife to years of abuse was not criminally responsible for her suicide, appeal court judges have ruled.

Okay, so far, this may have disproved the title of this post, given that this guy was not actually held responsible for his wife’s suicide. However, as usual, with the chance to nail a guy to the wall having been missed, there are demands that something must be done!

But the court signalled similar cases could result in a trial, even when the partner did take their own life.


But he [Judge Mangina] also called for a review of the law to perhaps make it possible for manslaughter prosecutions to be pursued in the future.

So if a woman kills her husband, she can get off by just saying he abused her, even though he’s not around to defend himself. Now – assuming these changes to the law go through, which they surely will – if a woman kills herself, her husband may end up getting convicted of her death even though she is not around to make the allegations that he abused her!

And no-one can surely insult my intelligence by pointing out that this may be a “gender neutral law.” Men and boys commit suicide more than five-times the rate of women and girls, but do you honestly think we’ll see women being held responsible for the suicides of their ex-husbands who they stripped of their houses, savings and kids? Will we see abusive mothers being jailed after their son’s kill themselves? No way. This is just a chance to fuck men over, plain and simple.

The case had proceeded on the basis no reasonable jury could be satisfied Mrs Dhaliwal suffered from a “recognised psychiatric illness”.

So this guy went through a trial for the manslaughter of his wife, just because she killed herself but didn’t suffer from a “recognised psychiatric illness.” So it’s only mentally ill people who kill themselves is it? Fucking hell. So this will be the basis of trying guys for “psychological manslaughter” of their wives if their wife killed herself even though she wasn’t mentally ill. And how do you determine if a corpse is mentally ill anyway?

And these suggestions are being made by a qualified and experienced judge? One working for the behest of the Matriarchy, clearly.

This guy who was on trial did admit to smacking his wife around the head on the night she committed suicide, and if he did indeed smack her about then he’s a complete shit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone that. But holding him responsible for his wife’s suicide is pathetic, especially bearing in mind the multi-million pound industry of refuges for women that could have helped her.

Then there’s the epidemic of male suicide – especially amongst divorced men and adolescent boys – which is routinely ignored by Western governments and the media.

She [some femtard police psychologist] listed seven types of “psychological phenomena” that contributed to her suicide including loss of hope and feeling trapped by practicalities.

Right, so she has decided that this dead woman – who she couldn’t interview on account of her being, well, dead – suffered from seven vague “psychological phenomena” that contributed to her suicide. Holy fucking shit, run for your lives guys, we’re fucking doomed. The wild and totally non-scientific claims by some stupid fucking copper who probably has an A-level in psychology and another in Womyns Studies may determine whether you go on trial or not if your wife kills herself, and bear in mind this is the sort of thinking and the sort of stupid bitches involved in all aspects of the matriarchy’s “justice” system, from domestic violence, divorce laws to claims of date rape. Seriously, this thinking, this vague pop-psychology and rambling anti-male bias, permeates the legal system of the UK and other Western nations.

Sandra Horley, chief executive of Refuge, the national domestic violence charity, called for it to review the area of psychological manslaughter.

I’m sure the bitch did. Cunts like her are not there to protect women, they’re to demonise men for fun and profit.

“Suicides following assaults and bullying are sadly an all too common occurrence and the law should recognise this phenomenon,” she said.

Yes, and suicides following divorce, being subjected to false allegations of rape and abuse, and just generally being an adolescent of a sex that has been treated like shit, force-fed Ritalin and told they’re responsible for all of societies ills by their sneering feminist teachers are all too common an occurrence too, but will we hear this fucking Sandra Whorely insist the law should recognise this phenomenon? Of course not. The above are all triggers for suicides that only effect men and boys. Who cares about us males, we’re the “shit sex” according to feminists, our government and the law.

She added “the charity was “deeply disappointed” by the ruling. “It flies in the face of natural justice,” she said.

Hah! What do modern women – least of all feminists involved in the DV rackets – know about natural justice?!?

Seriously guys, these changes will go through. Expect to hear a lot about these exciting new get-men-at-all-costs buzzwords; “psychological manslaughter.” We’ll soon have “attempted psychological manslaughter” if the woman doesn’t succeed. Plus, of course, it won’t just effect alleged physical abuse, it’ll be stretched to crap like “financial abuse” or “emotional abuse.”

You could refuse to buy your wife a new Gucci handbag, she takes five aspirin and makes it out like she wanted to die, and hey presto, you’re accused of effectively trying to kill her. I’m not joking either. A decade or two ago it would have been regarded as laughable and paranoid to suggest men will be forced to pay child support for children that aren’t theirs, or that women will regularly be acquitted of murder for killing their husbands in cold blood by citing “abuse” without any evidence whatsoever, or that not wanting to have sex with your wife when she asks you too will be considered “domestic violence” of the “emotional abuse” variety, but all this shit has come to pass, and the feminazis still aren’t satisfied.

With feminism, what seems outrageous today will be seriously suggested tomorrow and be law by Christmas.

Obviously, feminists in the US, Canada, Australia and other Western nations will pick up on this and lobby their own governments to bring in “psychological manslaughter” laws.

I guess I don’t even need to point out the disgusting bias of the BBC, who, in this article, only bother quoting various feminists, judges and cops who are in favour of these changes in the law. Not one hint of an opposing view.

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