Taxpayer pays for tranny’s tattoo removal


19 April 2006


Sex change sailor gets tattoo op

A former sailor who had a sex-change will get her tattoos removed on the NHS because she feels “unladylike”.

Tanya Bainbridge, 57, who was born Brian, wants the laser treatment so she can wear sleeveless dresses and tops.

Miss Bainbridge lives with her boyfriend, Mark, in Middleton, Greater Manchester. They are both unemployed.

Why do they refer to this tranny freak as “her”? It’s not a “her” it’s a “he” because it was born male. Simple as that.

Miss Bainbridge, who had nine children – from whom she is estranged – by three different women, had a £20,000 sex-change operation on the NHS in 2001 at Charing Cross Hospital in London.

If I hadn’t linked to the BBC article, I wouldn’t have blamed anyone for thinking it was a parody.

Cosmetic surgery is not normally free on the NHS, but doctors have agreed to go ahead because the tattoos are making Miss Bainbridge depressed.

Good old PC-infested UK, where, despite being over-budget and running close to bankruptcy, the National Health Service is too non-judgemental and right-on to tell some fucking tranny freak to sod off and pay for their own tattoo removal, regardless of how “depressed” he is.

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At 7:57 AM, Anonymous said…

At that age even biological women should think twice before wearing sleeveless dresses and tops.


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