Tesco’s value Irresponsible Brainless Slag Contraception


22 April 2006


Tesco ‘forced to sell the pill to under-16s’

Tesco yesterday accused Health Service trusts of ‘forcing’ it to supply the morning-after pill to children.

At present, the supermarket chain sells the emergency contraception only to women and girls over 16 and those with a prescription.

But it claims that some primary care trusts are now demanding that new pharmacies provide the pills free to girls under 16.

This is life in the matriarchy, where private companies are told what to do by feminist-infested government bodies.

It’s similar to the fact that doctors in the UK are allowed to refuse to perform abortions if they do not agree with abortion, but feminists have recently started demanding that doctors be forced to do abortions if requested. Freedom of choice only applies to pro-abortion women, in feminist’s opinions.

As someone mentions in the comments section of the above article, the lawmakers involved in trying to force supermarkets to give out free morning-after pills to under-16s would no doubt raise a big fuss if they found out their own underage daughters were using the service.

Why the fuck free morning-after pills are given out to any girls – over 16 or otherwise – is beyond me. Make them fucking pay for it! It’s referred to as ’emergency contraception’ but it’s not; having your arm lopped off in an industrial machine or getting run over is an accident.

Getting pregnant is not an accident, ladies; you fuck a guy not wearing a rubber when you’re not on the pill and you will probably end up pregnant. Simple as that.

The morning-after pill is not ’emergency contraception’, it’s ‘irresponsible brainless slag contraception.’

Overall, 7 per cent of women between 16 and 49 used the morning-after pill at least once in 2004-2005 – a similar proportion to previous years.

However, the ONS survey did not take into account girls under 16 who use the morning-after pill, many of whom will take it more than once.

Post-feminist British women are mostly slags. Drunken unfeminine fucking slags. They need a Biohazard sign tattooed above their arses, and would do too, if most didn’t already have some stupid tattoo there already.


Last month, Chancellor Gordon Brown slashed the cost of the morning-after pill under controversial measures to cut teenage pregnancies.

A better way to cut teenage pregnancies, dear Gordy, is to stop rewarding teenage girls for getting pregnant with benefits and houses. I know a 19-year-old girl who, bored with work just a year after leaving school, deliberately got pregnant (to a married guy she had a fling with on holiday) and now has a two-bedroomed council house and plenty of benefits. No work for her for a good sixteen-years. In the meantime I know couples who both work full-time and have difficulty covering the mortgage on their one-bedroomed apartment, let alone being able to afford to have children.

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