Too many bachelors in Spanish town


07 May 2006

Spanish town has big blind date

A small town in northern Spain has held a huge blind date party to try and help its many single men find love.

The mayor of Villafrechos posted adverts inviting women from elsewhere to take part, out of concern his town’s population was falling.

The population of all of Spain is falling, with a birth rate of 1.2 children per woman. Not surprising given that it has a socialist government riddled with feminists and manginas.

“There are too many bachelors here, we had to try and find them brides,” local inn keeper Teresa Canal said.

Too many bachelors eh? Maybe they’re happy being bachelors bitch. Oh, wait, I forgot; us men somehow “need” women and never voluntary avoid them.

The above story all sounds quite light-hearted and fun, but it won’t be long before governments bring out all sorts of harsher tactics – from shaming language to tax penalties on single men – because “there are too many bachelors.”

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