“We’re victims of feminism too!”


07 May 2006

There are a fair number of women who seem to be against feminism, but I personally don’t trust the majority of them.

For starters, most of them are happy to wallow in the benefits of feminism and only turn against it when they hit one of the downsides of feminism, such as working until they’re 65 and dying alone and childless. I’ve encountered women who say they would be happy to be stay-at-home mothers and housewives, but usually they’re women who are getting on a bit, those who are pushing 30 and are bored with their jobs, and who are finding that the offers of dates are dwindling, thus forcing them to fund their own social lives. They are women who accepted the benefits of feminism previously, from the feminized school system to positive discrimination/affirmative action, and yet suddenly pretend to shrug off feminism now they would basically love to just have some guy provide for them now that they’re all tired out after a few years in the workforce.

Then there are women who speak out against anti-male bias in divorce courts because it’s effecting a relative of theirs. This includes women who cannot see their grandchildren because their son is denied access to his kids after his wife divorced him. However, whilst these women may seemingly have a noble cause, the fact is that if they had a daughter going through a divorce rather than a son, they would no doubt be urging her to “take that fucker for all he’s worth, steal his kids from him, use the anti-male bias in the system, that’s what it’s there for!”

Like people who only campaign against nuclear power stations/wind farms/bypasses/etc when someone wants to build one near their homes, these women only “realise” the anti-male bias in the family courts when it fucks over a relative of theirs, and in doing so effects them.

There is this small supposed trend of college-bound women who say they want to marry and have children before they start on their careers, and who say they regard men as allies and not the enemy. Some feminists are pissed off at this rejection of the feminism, and personally I’m pissed off at how patronising these cunts are. These women are still feminists in that they have obvious entitlement complexes and have a “woman first” attitude, whereby what they want is paramount over whatever any future husband wants.

They’re essentially saying “Okay men, we don’t think you’re that bad after all. Yes, we will marry you and have your children!” Did we fucking ask to marry you? Fuck off.

Seriously, these post-feminist-feminists are not doing us men any favours. What they want is all that matters and they expect us men to shrug off a couple of generations of male-bashing and scamper over and provide for them and be grateful for the honour of providing and supporting them!

Yeah, right.

Furthermore, a lot of these women who say they like the idea of marriage and motherhood only say so because they know damn well that, after four-decades of feminism, they have every possible get-out clause. Everything is stacked in their favour. They have nothing to lose in the divorce courts. If men had an equal chance of custody of children in divorce and alimony/spousal support/child support were all abolished, and assets were split 50/50 at the end of a marriage, would these women be so desperately eager to get married? Of course not. Marriage now has little or no risk for women. Of course some are eager to marry, they’ve got nothing to lose.

There are indeed some genuine anti-feminist women, who oppose it on ideological grounds, but not many, and I’ve yet to find one of my generation.

Feminism is a victim cult for women that allows them to extort sympathy by claiming to be oppressed, so when women start expecting sympathy by claiming that they are oppressed victims of feminism, us men can hardly be blamed when we respond with a cynical and tired sigh.

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