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22 June 2006

How CAN a mother leave her children?

For most women, it’s the one bond they’d never break. But as this special report reveals, an increasing number are walking out on their families.

I guess feminists will argue women are all independent these days, so why should they be tied down to being responsible for a family? But then they’ll foam with rage at the idea of an evil man doing the same thing.

This is one whore’s pathetic and snooty attempt at justifying her decision to walk out on her family:

With incredible understatement, she says: “Oh, they [her children] were completely devastated, just as any six and seven-year-old would be. They didn’t understand — it was really hard.”

Not hard enough to stop Lesley walking out of her marital home and moving to London to pursue her dream of becoming a writer — a decision she doesn’t regret.

“When I meet new people now I’m not particularly upfront about it,” she says. “It’s not that I don’t want to admit that I left my family, but I get so fed up of people seeing me as this awful mother who left her kids, without actually getting to know me first.

“People say you have a responsibility to children. Well, you’ve got a responsibility to yourself, because if you can’t be the sort of person you want to be, then how can you be the sort of person you want to be for your children?”

Such utter selfishness. All about her and her feeeeelings. Check out the crap about having to the sort of person she wants to be. Straight out of Cosmopolitan or Oprah. Oh, and she is an awful mother too. An absolutely shit one. It doesn’t matter how much someone gets to know her.

Then there’s this bitch, Jane Moore, who writes for the filthy Sun newspaper:

“Sure, I’m quite a feminist, and if somebody says it’s a woman’s job to empty the washing machine, then I would say: ‘Don’t be so chauvinistic.’ But if someone suggested that if a marriage breaks up, then it’s a woman’s job to look after the children, I’d say: ‘Absolutely right.’

Thank you Jane. Thank you for perfectly summing up the utter hypocrisy of you and your stinking feminist kind; you don’t want the old fashioned jobs of housework, but you do want the old fashioned privileges of being seen as the children’s carers and to have them after a divorce.

Chauvinistic whore.

Some of these women are disgusting, actually moaning that they don’t have custody of kids after they broke up a marriage. If a man walks out on his family and a loyal wife, then I think it’s only fair that he shouldn’t have custody of the children if he’s entirely to blame. But that should be the case for women who break up a family; sadly, except in rare cases like the ones mentioned in this article, it doesn’t often work out like that. The women will get everything anyway.

There’s some woman named Liz, who had an affair, after which her husband divorced her. She left the kids with him – fair enough – but then she decided to fight for custody. Even though this woman had broken up the marriage by having an affair, the courts didn’t give custody to the father; they just left it up to the kids. Fortunately they chose to stay with their dad, but naturally Liz is all boo-hoo such a tragedy, poor wikkle me, etc.

There’s a whore named Sally, who had an affair with a guy she met on the internet. When her hubby found out she left him and went off to lover-boy – yet she arrogantly believed she could then just pick up her kids and have them live with her, their whore mother, and her boyfriend. She’s genuinely outraged when she explains that she didn’t get custody of her kids, their father did, and she moans that she was foolish to leave the family home (which proves a piece of advice several MRAs have given to fellow men in the event of a divorce; never leave the family home. Boot the fucking wife out. That way you’ll get the kids.)

Here’s what Sally says:

“When the children are not with me, I often sit in their bedrooms, and cry. In truth, I end up crying every day. Silly little things set me off, like seeing a mother in the street holding hands with daughters the same age as mine.”

Take your snivelling and your request for sympathy and shove them up your arse you whore.

There are countless men who are devastated by little – often no – contact with their children after their wives divorced them, maybe for another guy, maybe on a whim. These guys aren’t to blame yet they are estranged from their own children (and often from most of their salary in Child Support too.) There’s no way any sympathy should be granted in the rare instances that a woman who breaks up a marriage can’t get to see the kids whose lives she disrupted for an adulterous fling or because she wasn’t “happy in herself.” Tough. Sit and cry all you like, I won’t be moved.

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At 5:34 AM, Anonymous said…


A whore called sally across the road from me in Australia had an affair with the deadbeat bullshit artist next door to me. Runs off with him, leaves her 2 kids then decides she wants them back a week or so later and gets them!

At least dad kept the house and I think he’s better off without her.


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