Academic risks feminist onslaught to criticise “feminised” schools


12 June 2006


Boys failed by ‘feminised’ lessons

A generation of boys is leaving school unable to cope in the modern world because lessons have become “feminised”, according to a renowned academic.

They are falling behind in exams and the job market because teachers fail to nurture traditional male traits such as competitiveness and leadership.

Tell us something we didn’t already know!

He [Dr Sewell] said girls would often complete a given project because they were “meant to” even if it was boring.

He added: “There’s evidence that boys want to know there’s a purpose for doing something. We need to look at the way in which we teach in schools to make it more interesting.”

This is an important bit of info, important not just regarding boys in school but men in society as a whole. Women seem to just follow a herd instinct; just look at the way the followed feminism, lemming-like, and continue to do so, regardless of how miserable it makes most of them. On the other hand, us men need a purpose.

It used to be to marry and have children, for which we were rewarded. Now we are not. We’re told we’re not necessary, that children don’t need fathers (despite evidence to the contrary) and that we’re useless and good for nothing but serving women and the government. This breeds nihilism which manifests in various anti-social ways, even if it’s merely passive apathy and a withdrawal from mainstream society.

This removal of incentives to compete and achieve does indeed start early with schools full of female teachers, most of whom are apathetic towards boys, if not downright hostile.

Admittedly this guy does have to praise how the patriarchy of the 1950s was “challenged”, but I suppose this could probably just be an attempt to ensure he’s not instantly silenced and shouted down. Someone making out males are victims – thus shifting the golden halo of victimhood that females adore – has to be careful. Getting any such views into the mainstream is difficult.

Not that this stops some bitch from turning up to attack Dr. Sewell.

Dr Bethan Marshall, senior lecturer in education at King’s College London, said she and many women would “bitterly resent” the characterisation of girls as tidy and pliant.

She added: “The curriculum massively disadvantages girls. They are told if they are obedient and work hard they will do well but in the workplace that’s not true.

“Despite doing less well in exams, boys are better paid.”

Yeah, we’re better paid on average because (a) we work harder because we have no choice, we can’t just marry someone who will provide for us, and (b) it’s because – as this woman at least recognises – the girl-friendly curriculum bares little resemblence to the real world of work. No doubt she’ll want the world of work to change. This is what feminists are trying to do; workplaces are becoming not just dominated by women (at least in the case of offices) but overall are feminised in terms of rules and regulations.

Seriously though, the curriculum has been warped, twisted and feminised just so that girls can achieve better exam results than boys. Now that this has worked, that girls are out-performing boys, this woman is claiming that it disadvantages girls for this very reason!

So now girls are apparantly poor disadvantaged victims of their own privilege!

I really do despair! You couldn’t make this up. Modern women will seemingly do anything to continue to wallow in victimhood lest they have to think about anyone other than themselves.

Still, it’s nice to see this sort of thing is finally being bought to the attention of parents and is sneaking into the mainstream press.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:02 PM

At 2:14 AM, Maternal Damnation said…

This is all part of the feminazi master plan to make it look as if women are geniuses and men are drooling oafs only good for manual labor. This goes hand in hand with the ‘stupid male’ caricature in commercials and media. The education system has been infested with feminst scum for quite some time and they are already drafting their anti-boy ‘Jill Crow’ exams.


At 8:01 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Very good post.

Education was hijacked by Feminists about forty years ago and since then boys have had their education systematically and deliberately sabotaged by gender bigots like Dr. Bethany Marshall. She claims that education disadvantages girls….what a load of crap. The education system is a 100% tailored to suit girls and in so doing ignores boys completely because the system is designed and run by lying Feminists like Dr. Marshall.

At 12:00 PM, voloohaar said…

What’s even better is, look at the comments. Most of them are good. Of course there’s also some bullshit, like:

(1) For years girls have been discriminated against, not allowed or expected to be as intelligent as the boys, it’s pay back time. – Eileen Goddard, Marion USA

Says it all.

(2) This story is absolutely ridiculous. If the “feminisation” of lessons is so bad, why aren’t women doing poorly? – Tom, Baltimore, MD

Is this guy serious? That’s like saying “…if the “whiteization” of lessons is so bad, why aren’t whites doing poorly?” in 1930. Spectacular self-contradiction.


At 5:13 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

This story was on the front page of the print version of the Daily Mail today. It wasn’t long since several newspapers were criticizing the Law Lords ruling the other week that gives women the right to steal money off their ex-husbands indefinitely.

I doubt if it’ll stir up so real improvements – feminists and their minions will just get extra defensive – but it’s good to see criticism of feminism’s shitty effects on society hitting the front-pages where everyone can see them.

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