Another boy-molesting woman


08 June 2006

Teacher admits pupil sex charges


A Liverpool teacher has pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with one of her teenage pupils.

Elvira Fairhurst, 49, from Allerton, began an affair with the boy just before his 15th birthday.

She pleaded guilty to 11 counts of sexual activity with a child just as her trial was due to start at Liverpool Crown Court on Monday.

Just to show this isn’t only happening in the US.

Fairhurst was bailed to appear again for sentencing on 29 June. The maximum jail term she could face is 10 years.

Yeah, but I bet she doesn’t get that. The fact that she has two kids will probably mean she’ll get a suspended sentence.

No doubt some feminists and manginas will probably try and defend her by saying that the boy probably enjoyed it, or that he somehow seduced her!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:40 PM
At 1:14 PM, Anonymous said…

What I find the most interesting about these cases is that – in the overwhelming majority of cases – the woman is so fugly (fat AND ugly) as to undoubtedly cause the male victim to have nightmares for years to come, or to hang their heads in shame at all the teasing they will get for banging such an ugly piece of trash.


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