Another study shows daycare is bad for children


09 June 2006


Children perform better if mother stays at home

It [one of Blair’s think-tanks] published research that admitted babies and toddlers sent for long hours in daycare learn less quickly, have worse health, and behave worse than other children.

It also suggested that the children suffer because mothers who return home from work tired and unhappy are less able to give them the time and full attention they need.

The warnings over childcare published by the Institute for Public Policy Research suggest a dramatic rethink over working mothers and childcare at the heart of the Blairite establishment.

Since 1997 Labour has poured billions [of our bloody money!) into subsidising nurseries and childminders through the tax credit system, through direct daycare benefits, and through the troubled Sure Start project meant to help the neediest families.

There will be alarms ringing through fembot HQs and through Number 10 now.

How to suppress or warp studies like this that disprove feminist claims (and socialist desires) for women to dump their kids in shitty daycare centres so they can play at career girl!

Not that you need studies like this anyway. Anyone knows children will suffer if they spend all their time being raised by strangers, competing with other children for the attention of someone who only looks after them for money rather than love.

Of course, women entering the workforce has diluted wages, and their positive-discrimination helps them take jobs men previously held. Then there’s the enormous cost to taxpayers to subsidise women’s, ahem, “independence” such as daycare. This means an average guy can’t support a wife and kids solely on his wages so even if a woman does marry and have kids, and is willing to stay at home to look after the children, she most probably won’t be able to and will have to dump them in daycare anyway whilst she goes back to work.

Oh dear. Feminists have really screwed society up, haven’t they? Oh wait, removing the choice for women to be stay-at-home mothers and housewives was the aim of feminists all along.

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