Are politicians getting worried by men’s rising complaints?


15 June 2006

Lib Dems launch family proposals

Lib Dem plans also include scrapping the Child Support Agency and handing its duties to HM Customs and Revenue.

They also want compulsory mediation before child custody rows go to court.


Proposals for divorce and separation meanwhile are based on the idea that “maintaining the best interest of the child is paramount but that the court should consider the desirability of a child maintaining contact with both parents”.


“Just as a child should not grow up without the love and protection that can be offered by both parents, neither should parents miss out on the joys of bringing up their child.”

Naturally I’m rather suspicious. After all, they’re talking merrily about splashing more cash on childcare so women can dump their kids in daycare if they can’t be bothered to look after them. Plus the Liberal Democrats are generally just as anti-male as Labour; both parties have had women-only shortlists for candidates in order to ensure more women get elected. Plus they are going on about maternity leave, making employers fork out even more money for women to stay at home to do something they previously did for free. Sounds like more women-firster talk to me.

Also, they talk of how the best interests of the child are paramount in custody cases, but that is what is supposedly the case now even though it means children and invariably handed to the mother and a Child Support bill handed to the father. Most legislation effecting divorce, child custody, domestic violence, etc, is, on paper, generally about fairness and equality but in practice is all pro-female and anti-male.

It’ll probably turn out to be empty words, but even so, the fact that they are making such proposals load and clear does imply that the increasing complaints of angry fathers and how much of society doesn’t agree with the way children are seen as belonging to their mothers is actually getting through.

However, us guys aren’t fooled that easily. They’ll have to show some proper results and hear some actual condemnations of feminism and feminist policies before we’ll believe they give a damn about us.

We know how politicians are mostly liars.

In other news, Blair may reopen the debate on abortion, possibly leading the way to restrict women’s right to have their unborn children chopped up and tossed in a bin. Again, it might not lead to anything, but at the very least it may suggest feminism’s monopoly on influencing politicians may be at an end. Hopefully this news will really piss a load of pro-baby killing feminists off as well. What disgusts me about this article, however, is the statistic that there are 180,000 abortions a year in Britain. Disgusting. If that’s not bad enough, the tax-payer has to pick up the tab to the tune of £75million a year. No wonder the NHS is nearly bankrupt.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:41 PM

At 11:47 PM, Anonymous said…

I’m not sure it is that bad a deal. Sure, £75 million is a lot, but at £420 a pop it’s a damn sight cheaper than the amount these women would get from the state if the kids were born. It works out as half a years child support, and loads more public money is spent subsidising mothers and babies than that.


At 8:42 PM, Anonymous said…

Blah, Blah, Blah. Key word here is proposal. That means it’s a diversion. They are trying to slip something else through. Don’t take your eye off the ball. Stay single.


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