British Law Lords give backing to gold-digging ex-wives


24 May 2006


“We’ve financially arse-raped men in court…now you can too!”

Ex-wives win key divorce rulings

The Law Lords have ruled two ex-wives are entitled to their former husbands’ millions in landmark rulings.

Melissa Miller can keep the £5m she was awarded out of her ex-husband Alan’s £17.5m fortune, said the lords.

That was for a two-year-nine-month childless marriage.

Julia McFarlane is entitled to £250,000 a year from her ex-husband Kenneth for life – not just the five years decided by the Court of Appeal.

£250,000 a year for life. Just for successfully suckering a guy to the altar.

Mrs McFarlane had argued she gave up a high-earning career when she married 18 years earlier.

Your choice to give it up bitch. I wouldn’t mind giving up my career and living off someone else. Yet these women make it out to be a terrible “sacrifice.”

Note that her lawyer is a man; male divorce lawyers who work for women are scum, absolute scum, lower than a crusty piece of coiled up dog-shit.

A judge had decided Mrs Miller was entitled to a substantial settlement because she married with “reasonable expectation” of a future wealthy lifestyle.

Here we go, the old pathetic crap about women having a “reasonable expectations” of wealth. This brings us back to old point that many – including, most memorably, Chris Rock – have made that surely this guy could claim to have “reasonable expectations” of getting regular sex and their housework done (assuming his wife even bothered to provide them anyway) and therefore his ex-wife should go round and fuck him and do his ironing for the rest of his life.

The most pathetic thing about this is that not only do these two bitches actually think they genuinely deserve to steal all this money (or, rather, have someone else steal it for them), but we’re still expected to think of women as being “independent.” Yeah, right. Independent until a bill arrives.

There is also talk of bringing blame and conduct into working out divorce settlements. That’ll mean women can take the stand and blub all they can about how their husband were so awful because they didn’t work enough to provide for them/worked all the time and thus neglected them, etc, and the judge will decide to hike up the amount the husband has to pay for the money-grabbing whore.

The BBC has a link to “Have your say” and predictably there are a few bitches whining on about how these are “fair” decisions. However, to my delight, there are an endless list of comments denouncing these decisions, denouncing gold-digging women and signalling the death of marriage thanks to women’s greed and mangina/parasite solicitors and politician’s willingness to put up with it. This is the one consolation of these decisions; although they are expensive for the poor sods who are the victims of these government-backed gold-diggers, each ruling or major case like this increases the ranks of the marriage strikers. I noticed a couple of guys at work – both bachelors with girlfriends hassling them for proposals – talking about this and various “gold-digging bitches” and “I’m never getting married, no way” type comments were made.

For each high-profile case like this there are going to be thousands of men who conclude marriage is a high-risk farce, and that will mean thousands more greedy women finding out there are no suckers willing to join them at the altar.

Here’s one pathetic woman’s comments:

The wives would be entitled to a share of their husbands money while married to them. In these cases, they gave up their careers and were introduced to a certain standard of living. Why shouldn’t they get compensated for their sacrifice once the marriage has ended, especially seeing how it was the husband’s fault the marriage ended, through their infidelity. Maybe now men will take their vows more seriously, seeing as the courts are finally recognising the non-financial contribution women often make in marriages.

Tee Tee, London

See what the fifth word is in the above quote? Exactly. That says it all about women these days.

Note her basic logic: “Men have to provide for us lazy women when they’re married to us, so why not after we ditch them too? We’re entitled to it!

And note the reference to women being entitled be “compensated for their sacrifice.”

Women choose to quit careers after marriage. That’s why most of them get married in the first place; I’ve heard no end of women – often highly-educated ones rapidly climbing the career ladder – moan about how they want to get married and be a “lady of leisure” or “housewife.” That’s not a sacrifice, that’s taking liberties and living off of a husband’s slavery. Now they want to be compensated for that? Jeez.

And as for men taking their vows seriously, get real. 70%+ of all marriages are ended by women, mostly for trivial reasons. Women should take their vows seriously. The few who can still find a sucker willing to marry them anyway.

Most of the other women’s posts are the same; endless entitlement and whining. If women have to make so many “sacrifices” when they get married, why are they the ones whinging that us men are refusing to marry? They should be grateful we’re refusing to marry them meaning they don’t have to “sacrifice” their dull shitty jobs and can have all the fun of living (and dying) alone.

Here are a selection of comments from men, and they show how British men, like their counterparts in other Western nations, are well and truly waking up:

If a man works hard to provide for a non working wife and children, why should he carry on paying when she kicks him out? She’s probably only doing it because she knows she’ll be quids in and able to be “free to be who she is” or some other women’s magazine psychobabble claptrap.

mike davies, Bury, United Kingdom

I’m sorry but these rulings are a farce. A quarter of a million a year for the rest of her life? How did they work that one out? What happens when she gets a job? She’s going to be raking it in from that job and from the money her ex-husband is working and earning!

What someone had in their bank account/assets before they got married should have NO relevance to anything generated while married!

Are these women seriously trying to suggest they could have earned millions in the few years they were married? Where’s the proof?

James Martin, England, UK

I fear if this goes on, men will simply stop marrying.

John Bull, London

We already have Mr Bull, we already have.

Women are always claiming they want love and marriage. At the end of the day all they seem to want is money. My advice to men is steer clear!

David, Lytham, Lancs

Yes, yes! Spread the word brother!

An absurd judgement, basically a charter for scorned women – the law truly is an a**. Watch the marriage rate tumble and the divorce rate rocket as gold digging women cash in and men refuse to marry.

Matt Munro, Bristol, UK

My ex wife came into my life with nothing, and left with everything. My ex could never hold down a job, so the only income was from me, yrs of struggling to make ends meet. when we/I finally made it and didnt have to worry about money, my wife had an affair & ended our marriage. She set about taking everything that I had worked for and got it.To top it all,I had to pay a now very wealthy woman most of my wage in maintenance for our 2 children, so i can no longer have a life, i just exist.

Gary Blunt, Newbury, United Kingdom

Red-Rag Bull take cover!

The current system sucks. Totally biased towards women as though they have some divine right to half of anything they want (even war pensions – shame on you). Sort it out else we’ll stop marrying you!

Richard O’shea, Luton, United Kingdom

The UK courts are heavily biased against men. There are many cases of gold-diggers that marry, bang out kids and get divorced, gaining over half of the family’s wealth. The divorced man moves from being a sperm-bank to a money-bank. The only solution for men is to get sterilized and have no heavy relationships. Marriage is very bad for your health and wealth

Peter, Chelmsford

Here’s my favourite; simple and to the point:

Only a parasite lives off another human being

Gerry, Glasgow

Finally, here’s one from the Daily Mail comments:

I think the moral of the story is that marriage is a bad idea for men and a good bet for women. But it was ever thus. I’ve yet to meet a boy or man who yearned to get married. It’s always been driven by the female of the species. Leave them on the shelf, chaps, and just enjoy your life and your money.

– John Kenny, London, UK

Amen to that! That’s the best summary advice us men can receive about women; “leave them on the shelf chaps.

(Actually, if we’re going to use the analogy of women as consumer products, few these days would be “on the shelf”, they’d be in the bargain bin as “damaged goods” or in the “past their sell-by-date” bins at the back of the shop.)

Read it and weep ladies. The above comments give a good idea of the mindset of more and more single men in the UK and across the matriarchal West. You may think “Great, we can rip ex-husbands off” but what use is the goldiggers charter the divorce laws have become if you’re not married? After all, you can’t take a husband for all he’s worth if you haven’t got one, can you? The marriage rate is plummeting like a stone and these sort of stories, these repulsive misandrist laws and rulings, these images of gleeful stinking goldiggers being awarded millions, only push the marriage rate down even further.

Young women should take another look at these two gormless bitches:


That won’t be you ladies. No sirree. No, you won’t be wearing a shit-eating grin after ripping a guy off in the divorce courts. Instead you’ll be a miserable spinster, living alone and childless, your chances of getting a husband snatched away by vile whores like those two above and the laws that allowed them to.

The above comments and the rise in the number of anti-feminist/pro-bachelor blogs make it clear that more and more single men – perhaps a majority, or at least rapidly approaching a majority – have sensibly, calmly and quietly decided never to marry.

Don’t end up shattered and financially ruined outside a courthouse whilst your ex-wife – glutted with victory and your cash – prances about grinning like the whores pictured above.

Stay single.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:21 PM

At 9:23 PM, nevo said…

Too right your blog.
Any ideas on how to promote bachelorship.
I am one of those who married a penniless wife and now she wants to kick me out of my own home, which is the only thing I own in this world and earned with a lifetime of honest work.


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