Catfight at 30,000 feet


26 June 2006

Female fistfight forces plane landing

Police detained one woman and questioned two others early Sunday after a fight broke out in the first minutes of a flight to Puerto Rico, causing the plane to be diverted to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, officials said.

Tsk tsk! Those never-violent women and their non-violent ways!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:04 PM


At 12:01 AM, Anonymous said…

They’ll get off … it was all just a hormonal misunderstanding, don’t you see … really, it’s just a gross exaggeration of what really happened, put forth by the male-dominated media as yet another blatant attempt at female repression … and besides, it wasn’t their fault! How could it be? They’re female, after all …


At 2:15 AM, MS said…

Hmm. We have here a serious threat to the safety of a fully-fueled and in-flight passenger aircraft. This took place at dawn or so Sunday morning UK time. It’s nearly 48 hours later than that now and yet it seems there’s been almost no mention of it in any of the UK mainstream media. …er except the Guardian where mysteriously, two or three woman engaging in a full-on fist fight with not a care in the world for the safety or well being of the other passengers and crew, has gone through the Guardian’s political correctness reality-distortion filter and morphed into “two people”. All by itself! Naughty, inconvenient fact! Oh, but it’s peeeeople. So soft and fluffy. Just feather dusters. Not really a fight; more kind of tickling each other.

Of the few who did see the Guardian article, the vast majority will just read the headline and maybe the first paragraph or two and so, having not reached the nugget buried in the third paragraph, will likely leave firstly thinking it was men causing the problem and secondly having thus had their negative perceptions of men re-inforced.

Even for those who read the entire version in the Guardian it is still not clear that the fight was between three women. With deception like this, is it any wonder that so many people come to believe – ‘everybody knows’ – that men are/do x, y and z?


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