Chainsmoking 12-year-old mum

15 June 2006


Remember this, the chainsmoking slapper who got knocked up at eleven? Well she’s given birth.

But last night her baby daughter was desperately ill in hospital after suffering breathing difficulties at birth.

Not surprising given that the mother smokes twenty cigarettes a day. She’ll probably be able to smoke more now, with all that lovely welfare money coming her way. Assuming the baby doesn’t die on her anyway.

Meanwhile neighbours and relatives of the girl painted a disturbing picture of dysfunctional family life.

Hardly surprising. The breakdown of the family with rampant divorce rates and women either having kids with bad-boy thugs who dump them, or indeed having kids with no intention of letting the father have any input, naturally lead to this sort of thing. Boys raised by single mothers often become criminals, junkies or general losers, whilst girls often follow the same path with the addition of being sluts. Not always of course, but statistically they are more likely to do so without a father.


From left to right; slag, tart and whore.

Like these three sluts from last year. Note they were bought up by a single mother, one who refused to take responsibility for her daughters being sluts by blaming the school for not teaching sex-education. Note that they get £600 (about $1,100) a week in benefits. Note how, whilst they’re all very, very ugly, they don’t look very alike, meaning they most probably have a different father each.

Back to this 12-year-old tart.

The first-year secondary school pupil who was suspended from school for fighting began smoking when she was nine, but insisted she could give up any time.

Charming girl, eh? No doubt when she’s in her twenties, and no doubt fat and worn-out, this heavy-smoking violent little slag, with her moody illegitimate bastard (and possibly a few half-siblings) mooching about in the background, will no doubt be whining that there are “no good men around.”

As for her mother – who has six children and is unemployed – she said she was proud of her daughter.

I bet she’s proud. After all, her daughter is staying in the family business of being a spounging slut.

Feminism encourages promiscuity and not only wants men out of the lives of mothers and “their” children, but have successfully managed to have the welfare state designed to encourage this whilst political correctness, so beloved of feminists and socialists, means it is impossible for anyone in the mainstream to dare criticise and condemn slutbag single mothers like these. So on and on it goes.

Five women have given birth at my workplace in the last year. Only one is married. Another is living with a boyfriend. The other three got pregnant to thugs who have long since abandoned them, although one girl, aged 19, never intended to have the father involved in the babies life; she only got pregnant to get a house from the council, which she now has. Then there are plenty of celebrities like Geri Halliwell becoming single mothers by choice and acting as role-models to other women who want to be “independent single mums” as well. 40% of babies now born in the UK are born out of wedlock, and it will only increase. We’re the European capital of teenage pregnancy.

This country is going down the toilet.

Still, I like one of the comments at the bottom of the article:

I’m so happy to be working 80 hour weeks to support these gems.

Colby, London

Now that’s great sarcasm!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:30 PM

At 1:52 AM, Anonymous said…

£600 A WEEK?!? That’s what I earn. What the hell possessed PM’s to do this? How long do tarts like this get to collect that much money? Until the baby is 6 months? 6 years?

How can Britain possibly hope to pay for this – this is a huge expense.


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous said…

This sounds like one of the plots from ‘Jerry Springer the Movie’. Yes I was a fool to watch it.

It would take too long to list the characters and plot, but the end of the story left a trailer trash mother and (pregnant – by one of her mothers sex partners) daughter happily declaring that they were going to raise the kid happily on their own without any superfluous men.

This is the level of moral degradation we can expect to become an accepted (possibly encourage, subtly) social norm in the near future.


At 9:48 PM, The 2nd Nin said…


another happy, independent, empowered woman…

being paid for by the state…

so proud and self sufficient…

… yay.


At 8:16 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

This story perfectly encapsulates everything that is wrong in Britain. More and more children are being born to scrounging loafers like these. Successful men are avoiding marriage and having children because of the divorce laws and child support racket, while chavs like these are breeding like rabbits to get extra welfare benefits. The result is that more children are born into the worst social conditions and to the most incompetent parents.

New Labour rewards these parasites to ensure that they vote for Blair to keep the gravy train going. Our country becomes more moronic each day as fewer decent people have kids and scroungers, criminals and the terminally lazy breed at like rabbits to sponge off the taxpayer.


At 11:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Are youse guys trying to win the “hillbilly backwood redneck trailer trash” from our illustrious Southern Americans? Hell, Jerry Springer would find this to be in poor taste.

Way to lower the bar, girls.

BTW, the kid is now condemned to a life of COPD, frequent colds and childhood asthma, thank your mom, kid. By thanks, I mean get a spine, be a man of principles and move the hell out of the house when you can.

Icepick the Mad!

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