Child Support


16 June 2006

Nothing to do with supporting children.

The age old history of father’s place in our families was overturned in the feminist century. By the end of the feminist century a family was redefined as “a mother and her children.” There is no father in the feminazi definition of “family.” When she uses the feminist law of “no fault divorce” to leave her hard working husband and take half of his money, she now is awarded “custody” of the children by default.

Great piece.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:06 PM

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey, I appreciate what you’re saying. You might like Otto Weininger’s “Sex and Character”, as I do. It’s pretty deep, it’s long, and it’s very old, but it’s still great. If you haven’t got much time you could probably get away with reading just the opening chapter or two and then skipping to part 2, in particular to chapter 12.

Woman is neither high-minded nor low-minded, strong-minded nor weak-minded. She is the opposite of all these. Mind cannot be predicated of her at all; she is mindless. That, however, does not imply weak-mindedness in the ordinary sense of the term, the absence of the capacity to “get her bearings” in ordinary everyday life. Cunning, calculation, “cleverness,” are much more usual and constant in the woman than in the man, if there be a personal selfish end in view. A woman is never so stupid as a man can be.

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