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25 May 2006

I managed to get a comment published on the BBC’s website in relation to my post yesterday about the divorce settlements in the UK. Here’s the link and here’s my comment:

Added: Thursday, 25 May, 2006, 09:59 GMT 10:59 UK

It is women who read Bridal magazines, who pine for a wedding, who pressure boyfriends into proposing, who complain constantly about men being “afraid of commitment”, yet it is women who somehow think they’re doing us men a favour in marriage!

Tens of thousands of men will be reading about these judgements in the papers today and firmly deciding to stay single.

I’ve never married and I never will, and I advise other men to make the same vow to remain an eternal bachelor.

Duncan, Manchester

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Also, I noticed some woman whine on about how men should “be responsible for their wives.” Erm….once a woman has divorced her husband, she’s no longer his wife! Simple.

In addition, one of the settlements was justified on the basis of the ex-wife’s “reasonable expectations.” Hah! Have you ever met a modern Western woman with expectations that can be objectively described as “reasonable”?!

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