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01 July 2006


“Achtung! Das ist ein fat arsch!”

WAGs branded ‘hooligans with Visas’

The England WAGs have been blasted as “hooligans with Visas” in a vicious attack by a Spanish newspaper.

(WAGs is lazy-journalist shorthand for Wives And Girlfriends incidentally, referring to the goldiggers that attach themselves to footballers.)

“Led by Alex Curran, girlfriend of the midfielder Steve Gerrard, every night the WAGs convert elegant pubs into scenes from the Wild West.

“When the Moet runs out, the vodka and Red Bull takes over.


Victoria [Beckham] and Nancy Dell Olio, girlfriend of coach Eriksson, have been capable of getting through 80,000 Euros (£55,000) in an hour.”

These are typical British women; shopaholics, materialistic, parasitic, drunken and generally wild. It’s not just women who manage to find a footballer to spounge off who are like this; a lot of women seem to think that men are there to provide money for them, the WAGs, to piss away, not to mention modern women’s loutish behaviour. Most women seem to look up to parasitic footballers-wives as role models; they somehow consider it an ambition to latch on to a successful and rich sports star and spend his money.

Here in Manchester, the wives and girlfriends of a number of rich United players often shop in the city centre; you see them prancing out of designer stores loaded down with shopping and often followed by hangers-on, or perhaps a bodyguard or two who is left carrying the Armani and Calvin Klein bags full of stuff that will never be worn. All the women in the office get really jealous if they come back and report that they’ve seen such a woman at lunchtime; “Oh, why can’t I have a rich husband and be a lady of leisure, spending my time shopping!” This, incidentally, is from the career girls who have gone to University and who have done training, and now that they’re in the workforce all they want to do is quit it and live off of a man. So much for their much touted “independence.”

It doesn’t occur to them that there aren’t enough rich guys to go round, or that most modern women don’t deserve one anyway. I honestly know women who are in their thirties, or who are fat and ugly, or slags with tattoos and illegitimate bastards, who honestly think that there’s a rich man out there who will want to marry them and hand over his credit card. Dream on.

Then again, since when did modern Western women let not being entitled to something stop them from feeling entitled to it?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:48 AM

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous said…

It is for this reason, above all others, that we need a male pill to introduce a little equality. Manufacturers, ignore the crap from the feminists about not being able to trust men to take one; a frequent comment I hear from guys is that they would take two to make sure.


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous said…

Hmmmm … maybe it’s a good thing we did get our freedom over here in the Colonies – that story is downright scary.


At 8:01 PM, voloohaar said…

Well, as of today, no more reasons to celebrate. Wait, I forgot they weren’t there for football.


At 11:33 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Bastard fucking bastard buggering shitty fuck arse wank! What a bunch of overpaid arse-biscuits, can’t even take fucking penalties properly! Knocked out in a shoot-out again! Bastard bastard bastard shit fuck buggering bumfuckery! I hope France thrash Portugal in the semis. Arse! Grrrr. Etc.

Oh well. Nevermind, t’is only a game.


At 1:53 AM, Davout said…

lol. too bad england lost. F. Lampard: shots on goal – 25; goals – 0. Maybe he should only play for chelsea from now….

I look forward to multiple red cards in France-Portugal. Ronaldo’s due for one, isn’t he?


At 3:04 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

Lampard has some sort of bizarre defect in his eyesight whereby he sees crossbars a lot lower than they actually are, hence his bizarre tendency to hoof the twatting ball a billion feet above the goal then act fucking surprised that it doesn’t count as a goal. The daft fucker.

For uz, Tommy, da Vorld Cup is over.



At 9:46 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

I gather the owners of German hotels, shops and bars are crying in their beer because it means the WAGs will be going home early, and putting a premature end to the spending spree. Never mind, I am sure they all made enough fat profits already from the stupid cows who think it is clever to spend as much as possible as ostentatiously as possible.

It’s utterly disgusting to think that there are still millions dying of poverty and disease that could be alleviated if only enough money could be put into the right place.

Are these women actually of any use whatsoever to man or beast?


At 3:08 AM, Anonymous said…

Here in the U.S. tramps like these (e.g., Paris Hilton, et al) are held up as the role models for girls.

Western women really are devolving into psychotic monsters.

At 3:38 AM, HAWKEYE said…

developing brother ,they have more than developed,they are now becoming proficient and skillful thieves. the town i live in is chocka rock of divorced women and single mothers , all laughing and living the high life.sea side views and lots of there fellow parasites to encourage them.


At 2:43 AM, Anonymous said…


With chicks like this you must understand that there is only one way to deal with them. If they are hot, try to get into their pants if you can do so with minimal effort. If not, or if they require effort, dismiss them in as prompt a manner as possible.

Do not expend any energy on them, do not start to care about them, do not friggin marry them. If they annoy you at all, get rid of them.

The irony is, they can relate to this.


At 7:51 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

You will notice that all these slutty, spendthrift females never earn the money they piddle away with such abandon. They’re either married to men with money or they have a rich daddy to subsidise them and sponge from. None of them ever work for the money they spend (apart from the time spent on their backs with legs akimbo). They’re just a bunch of shallow trollops who haven’t a brain cell between them. It’s interesting that modern, British females regard these bimbo parasites as role models. Says it all really.


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