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29 May 2006

Faldo facing £15million divorce

Nick Faldo is facing a £15million divorce payout following the breakdown of his third marriage to the woman he declared was ‘The One’.

Like fellow golfer Colin Montgomerie, Nick Faldo is about to be taken to the cleaners.

It’s his third marriage and his last one cost him £7million. You’d think he would have learned!

Miss Bercher gave up work to accompany him on tour full-time and later bring up their daughter Emma Scarlet, who was born in July 2003.

It means Faldo is likely to be hit hard by last week’s landmark ruling by the Law Lords, which will lead to bigger settlements for women who give up work to support their husbands.

That doesn’t make sense. Women don’t give up work to “support their husbands”, they give up work because their husbands support them!

Another high-profile case like this, along with the rulings last week and Heather Mills no doubt financially disemboweling McCartney, will only further encourage men to avoid marriage.

Incidentally I also found this article, Divorce ruling: NOT a victory for women. It’s typical woman-firster crap. As I’ve mentioned on a previous occasion, women only seem to turn against feminism when they’re hit by some of the bad effects. This is exactly what we see in that article, we hear some woman bleat on about how the divorce rulings will mean men will avoid marriage or, if they do marry and have kids, they will demand their wives get straight back to work because a stay-at-home-mum can take the guy to the cleaners. “Boo hoo, now we can’t sit back and be provided for! It’s all someone elses fault!”

Lap it up ladies. The riskier marriage becomes for men, the more we’ll avoid it. No amount of whining or shaming language is going to change that so shut up and settle down into a life of spinsterhood and working full-time.

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