Former Labour spin-doctor mocks female footie fans


09 June 2006


It may be a bit strange for me to be actually linking to a blog run by (and hosted by) Labour, but what the heck, Alastair Campbell manages to poke fun at women who think they know everything about football:

So here we go. After all the build up, the billions of words spoken and written, in a few hours the World Cup starts as Germany take on Costa Rica. Within a matter of few days, we will have that four yearly rash of women newspaper columnists suddenly imagining that the world needs to know their views on Ronaldinho, or how confused they get that there is a Ronaldo playing for Brazil and another playing for Portugal, who have a Brazilian manager who almost came to England but it never happened…


It’s already pissed some people off. Note all the manginas rushing in to protect the Almighty Female Sex.

I can understand what he means though. I don’t care if a load of women want to enjoy football, but I can’t stand the stupid comments many of them make. I had to listen to some woman at work today declare that she was thinking of supporting Italy instead of England because, apparantly, the Italian footballers “are all dead nice looking, y’know? Well fit they are!”

Oh dear.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:28 PM
At 10:59 AM, darkbhudda said…

I hate it when women talk about sports. All they talk about is how nice someone player’s bum is or how they are a “dish”.

Shut the hell up I don’t want to hear it.

All they ever talk about is clothes and how hot some guy is. Goddamn it if I ask how a movie was I want to know whether it had a good plot and acting not that you want to sleep with one of the actors.


At 2:06 AM, Anonymous said…

Although I don’t want sports women that *actually* follow sports usually tend to be not so bad as the others.

However, the ones that follow sports merely because they find the players attractive aren’t included in this category.

“Talking about how some guy is hot, in an attempt to make other guys jealous in order to get your hooks in.”

Yawn. It’s an old trick and is to be treated with complete apathy.


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous said…

This reminds me of a comment a female housemate made a couple of years ago (this was during the Rugby World Cup, which England went on to win): ‘mm, yes, when I watch sport I prefer rugby, it’s so much more entertaining than football’. At which point I thought, well, I’ve never seen you watch or even mention sport.

Just treat their comments with the contempt they deserve.


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