Gold-digger starts digging some more


02 July 2006


“LOL! I’ve managed to steal a man’s hard-earned fortune. I am teh most independentest womyn around!!”

Melissa, the £5m divorcee, finds another rich man

She landed one of the biggest divorce settlements in British legal history when her husband, a high-flying City executive, was recently ordered to pay her £5million for less than three years of marriage.

Now Melissa Miller has found herself a new wealthy suitor – in the form of another successful City gent, Lloyd’s underwriter Julian Bowen-Rees.

If – sorry, when – the whore gets round to ripping this guy off I won’t have any sympathy I’m afraid. Men, and especially rich ones, should know better. All women are risky to marry, financially speaking, in particular some cunt like this who has already stolen one man’s fortune.

She was given the £5million award despite being married for only two years and nine months. In an interview, Mr Miller [her now substantially poorer ex-husband] said: ‘She worked for half of the marriage and had a relaxing time for the other half, spending much of her time shopping for the house I bought in France.

‘You know, her e-mail address starts off with “Must-do-lunch-Melissa”. And she’s never bothered changing it.

‘It’s ridiculous that a third of my assets at the time of the marital breakdown, which were all earned prior to the marriage, should be given to my wife.’

Must-do-lunch-Melissa eh? The term Lady of Leisure is an infuriating phrase I often hear married women describe themselves as opposed to “housewife”, and a Lady who Lunches is a similar description. These are modern British women; after marrying they, ahem, “sacrifice” their careers to live off a man and do nothing in return. Then claim how hard-done by they are when they divorce him and win a big jackpot!

Poor Mr Miller. This whore, with the help of what laughably passes for the justice system in Britain, steals his £2.5 million home and most of his future income, and she’s spending it on wining and dining her new boyfriend.

Then again, maybe this new boyfriend of her’s isn’t as rich as he claims to be; maybe he’ll marry her and, in three-years time, he’ll divorce her and steal what she stole from Mr Miller. Now that would be ironic. But it wouldn’t happen though. When it comes to divorces, whats hers is hers and whats his is hers too.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:12 AM

At 2:14 AM, Anonymous said…

It never ceases to amaze me just how many men out there refuse to wake up.

You know, I hate to see men get screwed, but it’s getting harder and harder to have any sympathy when you realize just how ignorant most men are to the damages inflicted by a feminized society…


At 3:12 AM, Anonymous said…

Why would talk this way? I am a woman and I am nothing like these people you describe. I think the super negative attitude you keep on the subject will permit you from making any progress in your cause.


At 3:15 AM, Anonymous said…

I think you are very misinformed. I am glad you won’t reproduce.


At 4:01 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

Do you think the above anonymous comment is from Muzzz Miller herself? I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s not like the fucking whore has any job to go to in the morning, the work-shy gold-digging sack of steaming turds.

Whoever you are, “anonymous”, go stick your head up your cunt. Take a look at that slimy cod-reeking hole and realise that that is all you and your fellow women have to offer in relationships these days, and furthermore your bitterness implies that your cunt – your only asset – is way past it’s use-by-date.


At 4:15 AM, Anonymous said…

Five mil for three years worth of “work”, sounds like a good gig. I feel sorry for the dude, he got screwed over, big time. Romance has been dead for a long-ass time. Now women who marry for money are seen as “liberated”, the Seventh Seal has been broken.

If Mr. Miller got to the States, the first round of lap dance is on me.

Icepick the Mad!


At 7:41 AM, Pumpkinhead said…

I was watching a pre-recorded marriage on television not long ago. One of the man’s vows was, “Everything I have, I give to you.” I can’t remember what the woman’s vows were exactly, but I remember that it was nothing like what the man said. It was just some crap like, “I accept this ring as a token of your love.”

Something is wrong.


At 9:33 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

It’s high time we found a more accurately descriptive phrase for the Melissa Millers of this world. “Gold digger” is far too kind and fails to convey any disapproval.

My suggestion is “professional parasite” (“PP”) which I think strikes the necessary balance between a description of what exactly they are, and the required disapproval that should accompany it.

So it’s “Melissa Miller PP” OK?


At 11:52 AM, voloohaar said…

“You know, I hate to see men get screwed, but it’s getting harder and harder to have any sympathy when you realize just how ignorant most men are to the damages inflicted by a feminized society…”

Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


At 1:32 PM, darkbhudda said…

More guys than you think are aware of this. I know guys who will only have relationships for less than 4 months. 6 months being the length of time you are considered in a “de facto” relationship in Australia and subject to being screwed over by the courts.

I also know guys who refuse to marry as they know that in the case of divorce they will lose the houses they have bought over the years from not spending their money on women.


At 4:46 PM, Anonymous said…

Bear in mind that her husband made about £15 million DURING the marriage and that , in most countries, she would have been awarded exactly half of that. Rather than attacking her (anyone man or woman would go for an easy 5 million if they could), men in the UK should exert political pressure to change these ridiculous laws that, while being promoted by feminists, have been largely enacted by men.


At 3:05 AM, Anonymous said…

Propaganda does work. Men are still hammered daily that it is their DUTY to marry a woman. I guess during the patriarchy that made sense. But since we have only half a patriarchy now (i.e., the female can abbrogate the contract at no penalty, but the male must uphold his end of the marriage contract no matter what atrocity the female inflicts on him) it will take some time to sink-in that marrying a western woman is a BAD DEAL.


At 4:40 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

It’s interesting that the laws that permit this kind of legalised theft are claimed to be about equality. Strange thing is it’s always men who have to pay out and never women. You never hear of a rich female being sued for millions in the divorce court do you? There was a time when women who had sex for money were called prostitutes, nowadays they are called “independent women.”

Of course there’s a backlash to this and that is the reaction of men (particularly rich men) who now avoid marriage like the plague. Hence the large number of whinging females claiming they cannot find the rich man of their dreams that they feel they’re entitled to. So female thirty/forty something slobs moan and groan and find it strange that rich, good looking men will not marry them. This coupled to their obnoxious, loud mouthed, drunken personalities ensures that modern females will have lonely lives with a cat as sole companion. Tough I say.


At 11:43 PM, original anonymous (2:14 AM) said…

darkbudda said,
“More guys than you think are aware of this.”

captain zarmband said,
“Of course there’s a backlash to this and that is the reaction of men (particularly rich men) who now avoid marriage like the plague.”

Really? I don’t know. I’m just not seeing it. Sure, you’ll see a few more articles with women bitching about men who won’t commit, but at street level, has there really been any progress made? What about Paul McCartney? What about those professional golfers (I think it was Colin Montgomery and Nick Faldo)?

I’d really like to think there are more enlightened men out there, but I’m just not seeing it. At least not anything close to a critical mass. All I’m seeing are a bunch of mangina pansy-asses who continue to fall all over themselves making excuses for women at each and every turn.

And I should know: I’ve become an active crusader in getting the word out about our situation during my last couple of years at college, and the absolute unwillingness of the average man to wake up is truly astounding.

Frankly, more men are going to have to start speaking up beyond the internet if we are ever going to combat the cultural propaganda which is so deeply ingrained…


At 3:29 AM, HAWKEYE said…

well said duncan idaho.what these dumb sluts dont see coming is that mens rage is growing ,at the moment it is a mere smoldering ember,but soon it will erupt into a fire and from a fire to a furnace. yes brothers we will bury feminism so deep it will never rise again and for these professional victims,look out because it wont be safe on the streets .


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous said…

Putting all other arguments aside, at the most basic level, she’s not even especially good looking …


At 2:38 AM, Anonymous said…

Marriage is a VERY good deal for women. For women, one of the main reasons for marriage has long been financial support. Now, they can marry a guy for two years, drop him to be a slutwhore again and get a third to a half of his income.

It is no surprise that women over around 28 nag the hell out of their boyfriends to get married.

It’s not about “love”, it’s about money. It’s about being set for life, even via parasitic means. Look at the smile on that bitches face. No guilt. She thinks she is worth it or something. How romantic.

What surprises me is women that “shop for husbands”. They literally expect to find a guy who will “agree to eventually marry them” right off the bat. I wouldn’t consider any kind of long term bond to a woman (let alone marriage) that I had not been seeing for less than 6 months and if she had brought up MARRIAGE once in that time she wouldn’t meet the grade, especially given what marriage really means today.

Is there someone we can send letters or emails to condemning this verdict? I’m off to have a look..


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