“I was raped! Erm…I think.”


22 June 2006

Merson faces police quiz over rape allegations

Another celebrity whose named is about to be dragged through the mud and possibly face a court appearance – maybe even a prison sentence – on the say-so of some woman.

Police are to interview former England and Arsenal star Paul Merson after a woman alleged she was drugged and raped.

If Merson is not convicted, and neither is anyone else, this will go down in statistics as another unpunished rape, another case of men getting away with rape…even though, if they are not convicted, it will be solely down to the fact that either the police or jury decide no rape took place. This woman doesn’t even know if she was raped or not!

Oh, and the filthy Sun newspaper is the one that broke the story; always a retarded rag, it has now become an anti-male retarded rag too (see this post at FredX’s blog.)

You can imagine them salivating at the chance to try and nail another man to the wall and ensure he’s vilified and scorned as a rapist, regardless of whether he’s even charged.

The Sun newspaper today claimed the woman woke up in the flat and called the police, quoting a source as claiming: “She felt terrible and believed she had been drugged and then raped. “The complaint is being taken very seriously. All parties who were at the premises will be spoken to.

“But at this stage the woman only has a hazy memory of what happened and cannot say who she thinks actually raped her.”

So she just woke up, felt (again, that key factor; how a woman feeels) “terrible” and “believed she had been drugged and then raped.”

And they’re therefore taking it seriously and going to interrogate everyone there, and feel the need to publicise it so the press can leap on it?

Shit, I woke up feeling terrible this morning. Maybe I should go to the cops and say that, perhaps, some woman drugged and raped me. Surely they’ll launch a big investigation, even though all the evidence actually points to the fact that I just got nice and hammered on wine whilst playing computer games until 2AM.

What a joke. Sure, crimes need to be investigated, but not ones where the supposed victim doesn’t even know if she’s a victim or not!

Of course, with new laws come into effect regarding drunken women and consent, all she has to do is say she can’t remember anything because she was drunk, and unless they have ultra-solid alibis, any men accused will probably be found guilty.

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