Just 16-months in prison for giving a guy HIV


19 June 2006

Woman jailed for giving lover HIV

A woman who recklessly infected her lover with HIV has been jailed for more than two-and-a-half years.

Sarah Jane Porter, 43, of Seaton Close, Kennington, south-east London, was sentenced to 32 months after admitting inflicting GBH recklessly.

A mere thirty-two months for infecting a guy deliberately with HIV? And furthermore slept with three other guys who could have contracted it and refused to help police track down her previous partners?

I bet a guy would get a lot longer than that.

Oh wait, one did!

A man with HIV who infected his lover with the virus after persuading her to have unprotected sex has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Similar case, same charge…but a prison sentence two-years longer. For being a guy.

Not only that but the woman will only serve half her sentence in prison, the rest on licence. So really it’s a sixteen-month prison sentence for giving someone HIV. The only conclusion anyone can draw is that either men aren’t worth as much in this society or that women somehow shouldn’t be punished too much.

Note how the article about the guy’s conviction concentrates on how his female victim feels and the distress it’s caused her. There’s nothing wrong with that of course; the guy is a complete shit and it’s fair that the unfortunate victim gets her say. However, what is annoying is the way the article about that woman’s conviction only makes a passing mention of the male victim’s distress, but then goes on to quote some woman for the National Aids Trust practically condemn the investigation as “stigmatising” the poor wikkle HIV-spreading whore.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:21 PM

At 6:04 PM, voloohaar said…

They did show her picture, tho’. Now that’s progress.


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous said…

The heavtier sentence might also have something to do with the guy being black as well as being male….


At 7:37 AM, voloohaar said…

Check out this article.


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