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31 May 2006

Woman admits faking own killing

A woman who sparked a £25,000 police operation after faking her own kidnap and murder has pleaded guilty to wasting police time.

Rebecca Campion, 20, of Merseyside, admitted lying for “attention” after she split up with her boyfriend.

Well, it worked. Plenty of attention for you Miss.

Her former boyfriend was also arrested and held for 24 hours on suspicion of kidnap.

Well obviously. A vague text message implying an Almighty Female may be in danger and, bang, grab the nearest man linked to her and hold the fucker behind bars!

I bet they wouldn’t have put such an operation into effect if a mere man was apparently in danger.

“She blamed her ex-boyfriend for her perceived mental state. She wanted attention and felt this was a way to attract it.”

I guess so many women have now cried wolf about rape, that’s not effective anymore, so pretending they’ve been kidnapped and murdered is the next fad.

I’ll keep you updated on the sentencing and how little time she gets. If any.

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