Life of luxury, courtesy of an ex-husband


31 May 2006


Britain’s biggest spending women?

My jewellery collection is so valuable it’s kept in a vault at Harrods. I spend £16,000 a month on socialising, £20,000 on clothes and own property worth £2million. My luxury lifestyle comes courtesy of my ex-husband.


Although I didn’t get a huge lump sum when we divorced in 1995, after three years of marriage, it’s his generous monthly maintenance payments that fund my extravagances.

Truly sickening.

She’s a spounger, a worthless sack of shit, and the fact that she’s proud of pissing away so much money – someone else’s money! – on crap yet clearly hasn’t worked to earn a penny of it makes her an utter waste of fucking oxygen.

I dare say many girls see women like this and regard them as role-models.

“When I grow up, I’m going to marry a rich guy, divorce him and live a life of extravagances.”

Sorry girls. Men – especially rich ones – who are willing to get married are growing very very thin on the ground, primarily thanks to hearing about skanks like this.

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