Man wins sexual discrimination case, shock!


09 June 2006

Discrimination case win for nurse

A former male student nurse has won a claim for sexual discrimination against the NHS after arguing he was treated differently from female colleagues.


The case arose during Mr Moyhing’s training last year when he was told that a female member of staff would have to chaperone him while using an electrocardiogram machine on a female patient.

He complained that female staff were allowed to provide intimate care to male patients with no chaperone present.

A minor victory, bearing in mind the sheer amount of discrimination against men that goes unnoticed, but a minor victory nonetheless.

Jenny Watson, chairwoman of the EOC, said sex discrimination was wrong whether it was directed at women or men. “The Employment Appeal Tribunal was right to find that it was not acceptable to have a chaperoning policy based on lazy stereotyping about the risks to patients and assumptions that all men are sexual predators.

“This judgment should help to ensure that such prejudices become a thing of the past.

Stunning! Some sense for once. Oh wait, this is from the Equal Opportunities Commission, the female-dominiated tax-payer funded organisation that exists solely to demonise men. Fucking scum, all of them. You can tell this woman is just lying to try and cover up the misandry that is evident at the EOC.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 4:56 PM

At 5:17 PM, Dead Rat said…

Nice to see a bit of since for once, which I’m sure will soon be buried in a pile of nonsense.

Sadly, if I were a male nurse I would probably insist on having a ‘chaperone’ just so the cunt I’m caring for doesn’t make some sexual harassment charge and damn me for life.

But then again, the ‘chaperone’ might make up some story and use it to blackmail me or banish me from the female nursing domain. I can just hear a 40-something hairy ogre-lady grunting “Have sex with me, or I’ll tell that patient you fondled her while she was under anesthesia”.

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