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31 May 2006

Q&A: Cohabitation rights

Law reform body the Law Commission is considering whether unmarried couples who live together should win rights to share each other’s wealth if they split up.

Share each other’s wealth = woman steals man’s wealth. Also see: divorce, Child Support

The issue has perhaps been given more urgency by the law lords’ ruling on divorce which opens up the prospect of generous lifetime payments to spouses…

Yup. Those solicitors and feminists, in league with one another, have seen a great way of making money that will bypass the marriage strike. “Let’s financially eviscerate men who refuse to tie the knot but were silly enough to let a woman move in with them!”

[T]he key question of how long a couple must live together before benefiting has to be decided. A period of two years has been suggested.

Some lawyers argue this will lead to one or other partner seeking to end the relationship at one year 11 months in order to avoid the financial obligations which would follow a later separation.

You’re fuckin’ right it will. And guess which “partner” will be bailing out? The man, as he’s the one who will be in line for a financial bum-raping.

It is impossible to say how many cohabiting couples would welcome a law change.

Yes, but it’s quite easy to say how many individual people in cohabiting couples will welcome it. 50% exactly. The 50% without willies.

This article talks of “partners” having to pay other “partners” maintenance, and big pay-outs to “spouses.” Cut the “gender-neutral” crap for once, BBC! We all know who is going to be paying who if – or, rather, when – these changes come about.

In recent days, since the Law Lords ruling last week, I’ve seen it mentioned, rather laughably, that women are somehow increasingly worried about having to give up assets and pay maintenance to ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends, but when the fuck does that happen? It’s about as frequent as a feminist smiling.

At the 2001 census, there were more than two million cohabiting couples in England and Wales. This was two-thirds higher than a decade earlier.

The BBC, Law Lords and basically everyone who has a vested interest in burying their heads in the sand (or trying to bury the public’s head in the sand) are trying to imply that “people” are choosing not to marry. But quite simply – and I know I’m stating the obvious here – there are more cohabiting couples simply because it is us men who are refusing to marry.

I encounter so many women, especially at work, who live with boyfriends who they are always trying to moan, nag, pressurize and shame into proposing to them. I haven’t yet met one man who lived with a girlfriend who complained that she was against marriage and had turned down his proposals. In fact a guy at work had lived with a girlfriend for nine-years and refused her mega-hints to propose, so she eventually proposed to him. He told her ‘No’. She left him. He has never been happier, having forgotten how great it was to have a whole house to himself.

We’re refusing to marry because we can be cleaned out by wives, so if we can get cleaned out by girlfriends we just happen to live with, we’re not going to live with them. Obvious to us, sure, and probably obvious to the Law Lords too. But what do they care? They’re just in it for the short term profits, to screw men over on behalf of women as much as they can. Nevermind that, in a decade or two, we’ll probably have a nation of men and women either living alone or with friends of the same-sex.

Us men are logical, and whilst we’re good at taking risks we’re also great at avoiding absurd risks with a high possibility of failure and no reward. That’s how we men survive. We’re better at avoiding stupid risks than women because we actually have to live with the consequences if things go wrong. There’s no governments or politicians or charities to bail us out.

So, the more risky it is for us to have relationships with women – whether that involves marriage or just eye-contact – the more we’ll avoid them.

If this law goes through – and there’s little doubt it will – there will probably be a few months or maybe a year before it comes into effect. In that time, a lot of women can expect their co-habiting boyfriends to pack up and fuck off. Or, if he’s a sensible co-habiting boyfriend with a pair of balls, they can expect him to tell her to pack up and fuck off.

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