More older people divorcing


12 June 2006

Older couples fuelling rise in divorce rates

A growing number of break-ups in long-established marriages is having a marked effect on divorce rates.

The relentless climb in broken marriages, traditionally dominated by younger couples who have spent a relatively short time together, is being increasingly driven by older couples.

Hardly surprising though, is it? Women can retire for life on what they can steal from husbands, all thanks to the divorce courts.

Analysts believe the change has occurred because women now feel more financially independent and have become happy to strike out on their own rather than remaining in unhappy marriages.

Hahah! Financially independent. Umm…are these the same women who whine that they can’t (or, more accurately, won’t) provide for themselves and so demand the house and maintenance payments? The same women who need Child Support?

It is us men who are independent, and many would like to leave unhappy marriages, but can’t thanks to the knowledge we’ll be financially knackered and done over in the divorce courts, and lose custody of children.

Note they don’t bother mentioning the obvious fact that most divorces (69% in the UK, more so in the US) are filed by women, usually for the most feeble and pathetic of reasons. Take their case study of some woman who divorced her husband after 22-years:

When I started working as the children got older, I found it fulfilling…I realised I had never been my own person…I am a product of my own times in that I wanted my own independent life. I felt I had to stand on my own two feet, and I couldn’t do that in a marriage.

So she ended a marriage and made her kids the product of a divorce just because she had never been her “own person” and had to stand her “own two feet.” What the hell does all that mean? Such nonsense. Note the sheer number of times the words my and I are used by her too; totally solipsistic.

These sort of women are the products of Oprah Winfrey and Cosmopolitan; selfish myopic hags full of absurd crap about their Inner Goddess and abstract rubbish about being “your own person.” The fact that they’re rewarded for divorcing their often faultless husbands only further pushes them to end their marriage.

Back to the main article, and note this most ridiculous of comments:

Recent high-profile cases have shown just how expensive divorce can be, with judges ruling that women who give up work to support their husbands deserve an equal share of family wealth, even if marriages have been short.

See gents. That is why we have to avoid marriage.

These days, if your wife gives up work of her own free will (and that is the main reason women want to get married, because work soon grows a bit tiring) and spends her days doing a tiny bit of housework, watching daytime telly, shopping, lunching with her friends and maybe humping a milkman or pool boy or two, whilst you work 40 – 90 hours a week at a job you hate to provide for her, to keep a roof over her head, to give her the privilege of not having to work, then according to common belief and, most importantly, the divorce courts, she is supporting you!


Avoid marriage. Avoid co-habiting. It’s the only way for us men to stay financially secure. After all, the only thing worse than being divorced in your 30s and having to start accumulating assets all over again after ex-wifey has got your house, car and kids, is being in your 50s or 60s and having to start all over again!

Incidentally, it’s perhaps worth noting that although the divorce rate in real terms has risen (by 9% in four years), the fact that the average age of divorcees is rising may not necessarily mean more old people are jumping on the bandwagon of divorce; it could just be that there are fewer young people marrying as the Marriage Strike sets in, so that will naturally push the average age of divorcees up. Time will tell.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:32 PM

At 6:16 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

The reason that divorce rates are so high in the western world is that divorce has become so profitable for grasping females. Little wonder that bored middle-aged women find it an irresistible temptation to grab the cash and run. Western governments have made it as unattractive as they can to be married and as profitable as they can for women to get divorced. Like you say the “blowback” to this is the reluctance of men to marry which has prompted more whining from women. Women divorce for the same reason they marry….MONEY.


At 7:10 PM, ChicagoMan said…

You know, never in my wildest dreams before I left the femimatrix would I ever have thought that women were so shallow. That all they were interested in were superficial things like money and power. You wear the wrong shoes and watch and you are out as far as most single women (hell even married ones now) are concerned.

But I learned the hard way through my own experiences, and those of others that they really are this way.

You guys both saw the Gold digger experiment a friend of mine did on a dating site, it’s hysterically accurate.

It is just sad that so many men still are promoting mangina attitudes and perpetuating this sad state because they think it gets them pu$$y.

Personally I hate manginas more than feminists.

Anyways, good topic


At 10:12 PM, voloohaar said…

“After all, the only thing worse than being divorced in your 30s and having to start accumulating assets all over again after ex-wifey has got your house, car and kids, is being in you 50s or 60s and having to start all over again!”

LOL, Duncan! Damn you have talent, dude!


At 2:08 AM, Alicia said…

Wow, although I really did enjoy reading your blog, I must admit its not always true… I am in the process of getting a divorce myself, and I want absolutely nothing from my husband other than to move on with my life. Whoever told you all women marry for money didn’t really know what the hell they were talking about. Have you ever heard of a thing called love? Besides not all people are rich, most of the time both people in the relationship have to work….

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