More proposals to let goldiggers screw men over


28 May 2006

Ex-lovers could claim maintenance like divorcees

Of course, given that this sort of stuff is never applied when it may favour a man, that headline should properly read Ex-girlfriends could claim maintenance like divorced women.

The Law Commission is expected to recommend to Ministers this week that unmarried couples who have lived together for more than two years must divide their financial assets when they split up – in the same way as divorcing couples.

The proposals could lead to richer partners being forced to make regular maintenance payments to their estranged lovers.

Looks I’m going to have upgrade myself from an Eternal Bachelor to an Eternal Staying The Fuck Out Of All Relationships Forever. Apart from one-night stands, although then there’s always the chance of getting a demand for Child Support nine-months later because, oops, she ‘forgot’ to take the pill.

Why don’t they change the law so that, on turning 18, men are just assigned an 18-year-old girl at random and told to pay half his wages to her for life? That’s where we’re heading. Shit, better not say that, some twat in the Law Society will probably read that and think “Hey great idea! No doubt we can make some money for our filthy parasitic selves.

As one reader comments on that article, these laws have been in place in Australia for some time now.

Bearing in mind the Law Lords ruling earlier this week, this law will most probably come into effect. After all, when has the legal profession and their political backers ever given up the chance to fuck men over for the benefit and profit of women and their solicitors and lawyers?

Seriously men, stick to casual relationships, or just avoid them all together.

Don’t go out with women for more than a few weeks, don’t move in with them, don’t let them move in with you, don’t have kids with them and don’t marry them.

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