Rape made woman “a bit depressed”; accuser dragged through court


06 June 2006

Student ‘didn’t encourage advances of Street star’

A student denied in court today that she had encouraged the advances of former Coronation Street star Christopher Quinten before he allegedly raped her in a nightclub.

Another day, another man dragged through the courts on a charge of rape on the say-so of some woman. It only hits the headline because he’s a minor celebrity.

Today the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court that Quinten started by kissing her on the lips and neck.

Yeah, she can’t be named, but the accused can. Named and pictured for all to see.

Under questioning by Louise Sweet, defending Quinten, the woman denied she consented to having sex with the actor.

Ms Sweet said: “Does it come down to this, that this was a mistake, what happened with you and Chris went too far, in honesty, and it’s something that you immediately regretted?”

The woman replied: “No. The mistake on my part was going in with him in the first place.

“That was the mistake. At no point did I think I’d just let him have sex with me. It wasn’t a mistake, I didn’t have a choice.”

So let me get this straight. In this accuser’s mind, it was ‘rape’ because she didn’t “think” she’d let him have sex with her. But she did. This is typical woman-think when it comes to rape; “I didn’t want to really have sex with him (or, rather, I on reflection I wish I hadn’t) so it’s rape!!”

The jury of seven women and five men also heard that the woman did not want to go to police after the alleged rape but was persuaded by her friends.

If someone is genuinely raped, or the victim of any other serious personal crime, they tend to go to the police immediately. If you have to be “persuaded” by friends to go to the police then it can’t be that bad. More likely it’s the usual regret-it-afterwards sort “rape.”

After the incident on June 25 last year, she said she felt “a bit depressed”, “a little bit not with it” and “quite withdrawn.”

Oh, well, hang the bastard and throw away the key then! We can’t have a woman feeling “a little bit not with it” or anything, can we? Jeez! What a joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s convicted on the basis of these feeble allegations.

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