Real life fight clubs.


30 May 2006

Computer techs turn to fisticuffs for fun

MENLO PARK, California (AP) — They may sport love handles and Ivy League degrees, but every two weeks, some Silicon Valley techies turn into vicious street brawlers in a real-life, underground fight club.

Predictably in this article we see usual crap from a couple of mangina professors.

Check out this twat, Michael Messner, a “sociology and gender studies professor”:

“Boys have these warrior fantasies picked up from popular culture, and schools sort of force that out of them,” he said. In these fantasies, “The good guys always resort to violence, and they always get the glory and the women.”

Yeah, we all fantasize about being warriors because of evil popular culture. It’s got nothing to do with any hardwiring is it? Tosser. Schools “sort of force that out of them”? Or rather, schools drug, brainwash and humiliate boys into being emasculated, and these fight-club antics are clearly a rebellion against this.

Along comes another mangina, a “sociology professor”:

Real-life fight clubs are the male version of the girls who cut themselves

So if men start fight clubs and beat each other up because they are supposedly told “by popular culture” to be warriors, what does that say about female’s tendency to indulge in self-mutilation? That they’re told by popular culture to be victims? That by victimising themselves they can get attention and feel fulfilled? That would sound like a fair theory to me. We’re told how women are empowered these days but all they seem to do is endlessly play the victim, feminism just being a big emotional self-mutilation exercise to get sympathy, attention and release from responsibility.

With the Marriage Strike leaving them lonely and bored, maybe women could start their own equivalent clubs, where they all gather round dark and dingy basements and spread horrible gossip and scandalous rumours about each other.

“Rule number one,” declares Tina Durden, “You don’t talk about Gossip Club!”

Next day, every member has told five friends, all their colleagues, their cat and a supermarket cashier or two.

On that note, I think I’ll watch Fight Club tonight.

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