She killed her son “out of love.”


22 May 2006

Plunge death mum’s ‘act of love’

THE family of a woman who plunged to her death with her autistic son have described her actions as “an act of love”.

Single mum Alison Davies travelled with her 12-year-old son Ryan from their Stockport home to make the desperate leap off the Humber Bridge.

Shit, this is the sort of stuff that makes me gag.

It wasn’t an ‘act of love’, it was murder-suicide. This single mother basically murdered her son. It’s made out that it was some sort of suicide-pact,that the boy was willing to die, but although adolescents may often commit suicide it’s rarely kids as young as 12. Furthermore the boy had a mental age of 7 due to autism. Yet all the contemporary reports made it out to be a suicide-pact. Note the cunning sympathy-evoking use of the word ‘desperate’ in the sentence above.

In an interview with a Sunday newspaper, her sisters Lindsay Cook and Julie Armand insisted that the fatal leap was a selfless act.

Yeah, well, I hate to see what the bitch would have done to her son when she was being selfish.

Lindsay said: “This was an act of love. She was calm and decisive about this. She was focused and figured it all out. She didn’t want to be a burden on anybody and for Ryan to be a burden.”

Calm and decisive eh? Cold and calculating would be equally valid terms.

So according to her sisters, this woman wanted to die because she didn’t want to be a burden on anyone, but killed her son because she didn’t want him to be a burden. Oh, well, how thoughtful. How loving of her that she regarded her son as just a potential ‘burden’. Bitch.

Imagine if a guy killed his 12-year-old daughter and himself. Would he be described as selfless and loving? Of course not. But as it’s a mother, it is, because you can’t say anything bad about mothers, especially not single ones, even when they’re killing their kids.

The sisters said they did not blame social service workers but believe more could have been done to help Alison, who was suffering from depression.

How, how gracious of you to not blame social services on your murderous sister’s actions.

And “more could have been done to help” her? More could have been done to help her son more like. Note how these sisters – and the article – barely pay attention to the boy, it’s all about his homicidal mummy and justifying what she did and painting her as somehow a selfless perfect mother.

Julie said: “The help she got from social services was patchy. Often, carers like Alison get forgotten.

“There was no one to bounce her worries off. She was vulnerable and needed proper counselling. I am surprised she was not seen as higher risk.”

She wasn’t at risk, her son was. Now he’s dead.

Welcome to the Matriarchy. Women can kill their husbands and get little or no prison time by claiming to have been ‘abused’, they can kill their babies and get little or no prison time by claiming to be ‘depressed’, they can have their unborn babies chopped and thrown in a bin (and have the tax-payers foot the bill) and call it being ‘liberated’, and now they can kill their sons because they’re a burden and it’s an ‘act of love’. I’m surprised she even bothered taking her own life, it’s not as if she would have faced prison time. After all, she’s a woman, her victim was a mere male, and besides, she was ‘depressed’, which justifies everything apparently.

Well, for women anyway.

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