Stop hitting mummy, you nasty men!


27 June 2006


Refuge is an organisation dedicated to supposedly helping womenandchildren from domestic violence, but really is just feminist organisation full of men-hating vermin. It happily lumps women together with children so women can bask in the halo of being defenceless hapless innocents.

There is a page of questions for men but, although there is a small nod towards men who are abused, the top-most question is “I am an abuser – what can I do to change?

How about another FAQ for the people who run this organisation:

I am a man-hating piece of filth who makes a living spewing forth false propaganda that demonizes men and breaks up families, and who can’t contribute anything to society except living off the backs of actual productive people by both exaggerating and even promoting women’s victimhood, so where’s the nearest tall building I can leap off head first?

Look at this turgid bile too, all sorts of wild and whacky new definitions of abuse to fit basically any relationship (but only if they apply to women, naturally.)

Like this:

Are you unsure of your own judgement?

Yes ladies, if you’re unsure of your own judgement and you’re in a relationship with a man, then it’s his fault, which means he’s controlling you, which means he’s abusing you!! So put on that big woolly hat of victimhood and beat your chest and wail at the patriarchy, demand all men beg for forgiveness and stick out your hand for a big cash handout…you stupid snivelling bitches. Sigh.

The reason I found their site is because, this afternoon, I was casually flicking through the Daily Telegraph and found a quarter-page advert for Refuge. It wasn’t the one pictured above – I guess that’s for the Festive Season Of Goodwill To No Men, Just Womyn – but it was similar; it featured a piece of paper with childish handwriting, saying something along the lines of “I hate it when daddy hits my mummy I close my eyes and cover my ears…” and ends with the child scrawling something to the effect of “if I was bigger than daddy I would MAKE him stop it!

Great. I’m just reading a paper and I’m faced with the implication that me and my fellow men are all violent bastards who beat up women in front of children, and that we should be ashamed of ourselves that our own children probably want to kill us for hitting mummy.

Sick bastards.

Sick lying bastards.

It’s well known women are just as responsible for domestic violence. How about the above letters reproduced but with the words “daddy” and “mummy” reversed.

Or how about a child’s letter saying “I hate it when I can’t see my daddy because mummy divorced him and threw him out the house. She doesn’t let him see me and tells lies to policemen that daddy hit her and me.

As women are vastly more responsible for child abuse and murder, how about a child’s letter hoping that, for Christmas, “Santa will stop mummy from belting me all the time.

Or even letters similar to the pictured one, but with “stepdaddy” replacing “daddy” (or just “mum’s latest boyfriend.”) When it comes to men who abuse women and children, it is casual boyfriends and stepfathers who are more likely to be responsible than husbands and biological fathers respectively.

But no, we can’t have women criticised in any way, shape or form, or to discourage women from having kids with casual partners or divorcing hubby at the drop of a hat Or else the gravy train for the sort of scum behind Refuge would come to an end, not to mention the feminist/socialist dream of totally destroying the family would be at risk.

No punishment is too terrible for feminists and the sell-out scum that gave them such leverage in our societies.

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At 10:45 PM, Anonymous said…


You might want to consider acting upon this but not publishing it:

The way to stop such ads is to complain to the ASA and present evidence that they paint a deliberately misleading picture. Providing the ASA hasn’t been feminazied, that shouldn’t be too difficult, but we will need evidence, SO …any danger that in future you can post links to, or better still, copies of*, the original ads or scan them (including dates and the page numbers on which they were published)?

*I’m pretty sure there’s a copyright exemption for criticism and comment.


At 3:20 AM, Anonymous said…

Hear hear!

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