That bloke’s a nutter!


28 May 2006


As a few faithful readers and fellow bloggers may have noticed, there’s a certain headcase who loiters around anti-feminist/Men’s Rights blogs and forums, cramming it’s demands and conspiracy theories down everyone’s throats.

At first I thought this twisted brain-wrong was just a female feminist troll, and if it was, I would have to give her my grudging respect for stirring up so much trouble. I salute a worthy foe.

But, sadly, and to the detriment of the male sex, it is apparent that this thorn in my cyber-bottom – and the cyber-bottoms of many other gentleman – is male. I’m loath to give this spazmo one ounce of publicity as that’s what it seems to want, hence I’m not going to bother naming him, and I don’t want to join in with the big dick-wagging ego-battle that this particular troll wants it to be, but I feel I need to give a bit of a heads up here.

There are anti-feminist blogs and forums sprouting up everywhere and I feel it’s only fair to warn you prospective bloggers that if you do start up an anti-feminist/Men’s Rights blog, forum or website, sooner or later you may just get this troll (who’s named after a cartoon cat) demanding that you change what he doesn’t like and making various demands, swiftly followed by threats should you dare to resist his orders. Should you continue to resist this gentleman’s orders then expect an inbox and/or a comments section full of wild abuse, shaming language, hysterical theories that you are me (and a dozen other well-respected anti-feminist bloggers) under a different name and desk-thumping insistences that he’s a well-respected Men’s Rights Activist when, in fact, everyone – except a few random tards – regard him as a bit of a knob. Sometimes he’ll just launch into the abuse straight away without making his demands. He is also immune to sarcasm (another blogger amusingly “confessed” to being me to wind this troll up, and this spaz has been linking to this prank constantly as “proof” that I – sorry, him, I mean, erm, us, whatever – are all one person.)

It’s clear this particular specimen is just a total looney with neither the wit nor the resources to start his own blog or website, and thus tries to shoulder-barge his way onto other people’s and attempt to boss them about. Ironically, given his accusations, he often goes under various names (Larry, Rufus, Rick, etc) but you can always tell who the guy is as his only topic of conversation is troweling slander and bullshit all over the place. A certain friend of mine from the US seems to be this troll’s primary target and the troll once had a brainwave and insisted that he finally believed that I wasn’t this guy and asked if I could proof read some hilariously whacky press-release denouncing this American friend of mine. I forwarded it on to my transatlantic pal and we both laughed very publicly, forcing the troll to backtrack and assume we must be the same person after all. This must be some sort of ego defense mechanism of his.

Your best bet is to ignore this troll. He carpet-bombed the comments section of several anti-feminist blogs last week with his blithering slabberings and finds some sort of masochistic relief in being told to fuck off, something he is clearly told to do regularly. As I found out the hard way, this particular cross-eyed windowlicker has an infinite amount of patience (or, more accurately, nothing better to do) and a catastrophic level of paranoia. I was recently informed he turned up at an anti-feminist forum and demanded five or six people be kicked off because, in his view, they were all me. This was a forum I’m not even registered at.

Anyway, that is all. I don’t want to distract myself from my main efforts of bashing feminism, extolling bachelorhood and mocking spinsters, and I’m wasting valuable ink electrons here. So on with the Eternal Bachelor blog which, I am pleased to announce, has recently passed 60,000 hits.

Oh to hell with the anonymity, the troll’s name is Felix. He is no doubt reading this. He is now frothing at the mouth. He is now calling his lawyer to sue me for calling him a knob.

Heh heh.

Hi Felix.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 4:51 PM

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