The Sun and Craig Charles


20 June 2006


Actor suspended over drug claims

It’s not the story itself that I’m bothered about, but the paragraph at the end:

He [Craig Charles] spent several months in prison in 1994 awaiting trial on a rape charge but was cleared in February 1995.

Was there any reason to mention that? They just casually fling a reference to him being accused of rape for the hell of it. Bare in mind way the BBC has been eagerly flinging forth tales that imply that a man accused of rape but acquitted is somehow “getting away with it.”

I remember some of the case too, it was a classic example of a whore regretting things the next day. The woman – a stripper I think, or maybe an out-of-work model – admitted she’d gotten drunk with Charles, gone off with him, shagged, woke up in the morning, cried rape, and hey presto; Craig Charles is arrested and denied bail. All on the say-so of a woman.

What was most disgusting was The Sun’s coverage (a flatmate of mine in those days, a perpetually angry Scotsman, used to buy the paper purely because he hated it and he liked to get worked up about it. I would read his copy for the same reason.)

The Sun vilified Charles and once expressed disgust when the sitcom he starred in, Red Dwarf, won a comedy award, denouncing the sci-fi comedy just because one of it’s actors was accused of rape. They thought that this should prevent it from being considered for awards!

Following Charles’ acquittal, The Sun, purely to sell more papers, back-pedalled and paid Charles to give his story. It was rather depressing; he said he was threatened with death in prison for being both an alleged rapist and a celebrity, and he lost a load of weight because he was too terrified to go down for meals and instead sat in his cell living on water and cigarettes. This was for months and months and all this on the say-so of some slut.

Then, even more infuriatingly, a couple of weeks later The Sun paid the slut who had accused Charles’s for her story; I can’t recall a lot of what she said, just a load of self-pitying shit, complete with a picture of her draped over the centre pages in some skimpy outfit with her tits almost hanging out and not doing a very good job of looking like some poor innocent prude.

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