23 May 2006

A couple of updates on recent posts:

Spicy Bitch:

Geri Halliwell has decided to call her baby Bluebell Madonna Halliwell.

If the kid had a father it wouldn’t have such a stupid bloody name.

[Geri] chose Madonna because the girl was born screaming with “both arms flung wide in the air”, reminding her of the singer of the same name.

Great start in life eh? Named after a stupid slut-bag has-been singer. That must be as bad as being named after er….Geri.

OMG, think of the poor mother:

Baby in river ‘had head injuries’

A newborn girl whose body was found in a Warwickshire river had suffered several injuries including a fractured skull and collarbone, police have said.


Mr Pearson said: “Since the discovery of her body, we’ve been able to establish that she suffered significant and traumatic head injuries after she was born.

“We believe that she died very soon after birth, but that she didn’t sustain those injuries in the course of birth or in the course of pregnancy. They were inflicted on her very soon after she was born.”

Right, so the baby was born healthy and alive but then battered to death just hours after coming into this world, most probably by her mother.

Bet the stupid cops feel a bit silly with all their touchy-feely “we’ll treat you very sensitively” crap previously.

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