Woman steals money from disabled child, escapes prison

08 June 2006

Woman took ill boy’s dolphin cash

A woman has admitted stealing thousands of pounds she had raised to send a seriously ill boy to swim with dolphins in the United States.

Stealing money from a disabled child? Now that’s a pretty despicable crime! A prison sentence is surely in order.

[Kathryn] James was given a six-month sentence for the theft, suspended for two years.

Hmmm. Maybe not. Then again, she is female. And she has kids too.

He said such a theft would normally result in an immediate jail term, but he suspended the sentence because she was the sole carer of two young children.

So what if she’s the sole carer of the kids? They can go stay with relatives or go into care whilst their mum is behind bars, surely. A bit harsh on the kids? Well, maybe it is, but at least they’ll find out what sort of person their mum is.

“Why are we going into care for six-months Miss Social Worker?”
“Because your mother stole thousands of pounds from a handicapped child.”
“Yeah? What a bitch.”

Judge Burr said James’s behaviour had done nothing to encourage the public to support similar good causes in the future.

Yes, and his behaviour has done nothing to discourage women – especially those with kids – from committing crimes in the future. They know they’ll probably get off without having to serve any time.

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