Women love beating men; mangina “surprised”


24 June 2006

Survey finds male abuse approval

More than half of women questioned at a Glasgow university said they approved of wives hitting their husbands.

The Glasgow Caledonian students were among 6,500 women surveyed from 36 universities for an international study into attitudes on domestic violence.

Of the 200 women, 60% said it was acceptable for women to hit their husbands while 35% admitted assaulting their partner.

Gasp! But surely…women are never violent!?

Among European students, only English women were more likely to have carried out assaults, with 41% admitting that they had punched or kicked their partners.

I haven’t travelled much, but although I’ve heard American and continental European women are a bit shit, I doubt if they can rival our English women for sheer aggression, grubbiness and general unfuckability. They really are awful, English women. Ugh! I feel like a shower after just talking to them.

The BBC occasionally runs campaign ads or storylines in it’s soap operas about domestic violence, always – always – featuring men beating their wives. Never do they accept the possibility that women are ever violent.

Likewise, the media in the Matriarchal West always regards women punching, kicking, stabbing and shooting men as funny, or at least empowering (such as this shitty movie; I saw a trailer for it earlier and it seems to consist of nothing more than some woman attacking and killing men.) This no doubt reflects in the attitudes of women these days, who think they can go around attacking men with impunity (impunity that is granted to them legally too) whilst a man laying a finger on a woman is regarded with outright horror and disgust.

David Smith, honorary professor of criminology at Edinburgh university and editor of the European Journal of Criminology, said he found the results “surprising”.

“The number of women who admit to assaulting men is interesting as it’s well known that men are more violent than woman.”

No it’s not “interesting” you stupid cocksucking mangina. It’s not well known that men are more violent than women except inside the heads of mangina slugs like you and your feminist overlords.

This mangina is presented with clear facts but, exhibiting clear evidence of feminist brainwashing, fails to let this interfere with his mentality and outlook. His desire to kiss the sphincters of the Matriarchal leaders who no doubt govern and distribute the grants he lives on exceeds any desire he may have to present facts and logical conclusions to the public. Pathetic loser.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 4:43 PM

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous said…

I’ve been saying it for years – women are inherently the more violent of the species, at least here in the USA. If we wanted to get out of the Iraq mess is less than 6 months, all we’d have to do is marshall a few dozen of our Housewives from Hell and ship them over there – they would show no pity, no remorse, no decency and no mercy, because that’s how they treat the men who are stupid enough to marry them.


At 10:34 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

If you want to communicate your views to David Smith, here is his email address:


I have already emailed him to advise that the BBC website quoting his comments, makes him sound like the most bigoted kind of feminist.


At 8:58 AM, Darren Blacksmith said…

This doesn’t surprise me. Given that most Scottish women are putridly ugly, hitting men is probably the only way they can force them to take them out on a date.


At 11:43 PM, Anonymous said…

The big problem is that these crazy bitches get on juries. Out of the 12 about 3 (at least) are going to think you had it coming. Is it any surprise that women who commit violence tend to get off lightly?

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