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02 July 2006

Get out of here, dweeb, by India Knight.

I know it’s only one incident but I think this kind of pointless, spontaneous unburdening of male rage is now commonplace — in fact I think it’s behind road rage, air rage and all the other rages. They’re not about cars or planes or traffic or the Pringles running out. They’re about man rage.

Having said all of that, if I were a man, I might be raging too. Last week’s issue of Campaign magazine, the advertising industry’s bible, accused advertising agencies of portraying men as “castrated dweebs” who appeal to no one. What happened, the magazine asks, to macho types like the Gillette Man, the Milk Tray Man, or indeed the Marlboro Man? Where are the hunks?

Interesting article, but typically still has the woman-firster attitude; even though she is seemingly taking a stand against feminism and man-bashing, it’s solely because it’s effecting poor women!

However, to her credit, she does go a lot further than most prominant women when commenting on females and their behaviour:

There’s also a more contentious point, which is that men hating women isn’t necessarily men’s fault. Maybe women actually are more hateful. Certainly, if we go back to the example of the Big Brother house as a microcosm, we see every day how an amiable sort of cove such as 24-year-old Pete is made wet and hopeless by the bitchiness and manipulativeness of the women around him.

Constant in their neediness, experts in the very female art of turning victimhood into a weapon, terrifying with their sudden and irrational tears and tantrums, they have turned sweet, friendly Pete into a cowering wreck.

She also shares mine and Captain Zarmband’s contempt for the annoying BT adverts, featuring a hopeless young man being reduced to a slave by his new girlfriend, a whore single-mother, and her bastards.

Her final paragraph is important too:

It seems unfair, not least because women got the kind of men that feminism had been clamouring for. Men didn’t actually ask for anything to change — then as now, despite any protestations to the contrary, what men really like are “feminine” women with “feminine” virtues — and yet they’ve got a whole new kind of woman anyway. If I was them I’d be cross too.

Now why can’t every woman comprehend this, that us men want feminine women? And that the plummeting marriage rate testifies how we’re avoiding the “new kind of women” in droves.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:44 PM

At 8:06 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

I think the truth here is that women do not really know how to be themselves and resort to acting out the their role as they see it depicted in the media. The media in turn, particularly the TV advertisers, use this “herd instinct” to manipulate them. For all their shouting, cocky arrogance, slutty behaviour and domineering manner, women are more unhappy than ever. Females are like an alcoholic locked in a brewery, they have too much of what they want and as such appreciate nothing.


At 7:30 PM, Darren Blacksmith said…

Yes, it contained a few good bits towards the end, but it still contained a lot of the usual cliches.

For example, female journalists ALWAYS seem determined to take the goings-on on the Big Brother show as some sort of representative example of society at large. Well, maybe some of the interactions on there can tell you something about the outside world, but surely its mostly just a freak show, contrived by producers desperate for ratings.

Next, as I’ve mentioned before, women vastly over-rate the significance of the several ‘lads magazines’ that exist.

Lastly, how on earth does she know that there are more porn websites that show women being dominated than men? My guess is that there are actually more porn sites dedicated to showing men being abused. Firstly, the fem-dom scene seems to be pretty big, and secondly you also have the gay porn sites which are into men being dominated.


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous said…

Reminds me of a light bulb that flickers on, briefly … but it’s a fluorescent, and the ballast is faulty, so all it will ever do is flicker and pop and hiss, but not provide any useful light.


At 5:15 PM, voloohaar said…

yes, exactly.

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