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10 July 2006


Middle-class girls ‘most a risk of becoming binge drinkers’

Teenage girls from middle-class homes are more likely to binge drink than those from poorer communities, according to new research.

Although boys start drinking at a younger age, girls consume alcohol more regularly and by the time they are 14 their consumption outstrips that of the opposite sex.

So a large proportion of British girls start drinking at 13 or younger and, by 14, are sinking more alcohol than boys of that age. Great. What fine “ladies” we have in this country.

It’s not surprising. I’ve heard women at work share anecdotes about putting on make-up when they were in their early teens so they could get served in pubs or off-licences. They think it’s great, but can’t seem to figure out how badly they’ve ruined themselves. After all, who wants to marry a woman who’s been a borderline (or full-blown) wino since puberty?

I went on a date with a 25-year-old woman at the end of last year and she started telling me how she used to get drunk a lot when she was thirteen; “I’d get these older lads me and my mates hung out with to buy us white cider.” Yeah, hung out with; I think I know what that’s a euphemism for. It was only a casual date to me but she was blabbing on about wanting to settle down with “the right guy.” Which right guy is going to want to marry a woman who regularly got hammered on white cider and, ahem, “hung out” with older guys when she was thirteen? Why did she think I’d be impressed with her escapades? I didn’t see her again. She was too grubby even for sport-sex.

Experts claim those children with both parents out at work were most likely to start drinking because they have more money and spare time without parental supervision to experiment.

But surely women entering the workforce was going to be good for everyone? Isn’t that what feminists told us?

Oops, they were wrong.

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At 8:18 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

This report highlights the total lack of responsibility that young females have. They always blame others for their own bad behaviour. Many women are seriously affected by their own excessive alcohol consumption but they seem to think it’s clever.


At 12:35 PM, Anonymous said…

You know the “Girls Gone Wild” video series pretty much exploits the stupid behavior of drunk women. So drunk that they will flash their jugs/boobs/baby feeders at the cameras in front of a mob for a t-shirt no less. Recently, one of them sobered up and tried to sue the dude that made the series, I don’t think that she’d get anywhere with the lawsuit. One positive thing is that there’s a guy out there who’s making money from this. He’s a multi-millionaire now.

If you watch the series, it’s like a slow motion car wreck, disgusting yet fascinating at the same time.

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