British politicians to fathers; you are irrelevant


13 July 2006


Caroline Flint, uber-feminist bitch

I woke up to a nice sunny morning and I was actually quite cheerful, and now I see an article explaining that the repulsive vermin that rule our country telling me my sex is irrelevent when it comes to children, and us men should not expect any place in a family.

IVF ‘need for father’ rule may go

MPs have given the clearest indication yet that fertility clinics will no longer be able to refuse treatment to single women and lesbians.

Public Health Minister Caroline Flint said there was “probably not a case” for keeping “the need for a father” clause in new fertility rules.

Oh right, so no need for fathers then. Fathers are irrelevant and pointless. Children don’t need fathers. Let’s fill the nation with feral bastards. Yeah, we get the message.

Giving evidence to the Commons science and technology committee, Ms Flint said: “We are considering whether the need for a father is something we need to have.”

No, you’re not “considering” it, you’ve clearly made your minds up already.

She stressed: “That does not mean fathers are not important.”

No, don’t try and back-pedal, we know exactly what you mean; fathers are irrelevant.

“What’s important is that the children are going to be, as far as we know, part of a loving family.

But if they’re born and raised by a single mother or two lesbians they are not part of a family.

A single woman and a child is not a family, it’s a slut and her bastard.

Two lesbians and a child is not a family, it’s two lesbians and a bastard.

Despite the relaxation of rules on adoption, many single women and lesbian couples are still believed to face rejection by IVF clinics.

As they should be.

The committee said last year that the situation was “offensive” to unconventional families.

Once again, this is a paradox; “unconventional families” means single mothers and lesbians with kids and, I repeat, these are not families. Furthermore these changes are offensive to everyone except feminist scum and single mothers.

Opponents have claimed the proposed changes are essentially a bid to create fatherless families headed by single or lesbian women.

That’s it, that’s all the mention any dissent gets in this article, just one token sentence.

And they wonder why British men are dropping out of society, emigrating or just regarding the Matriarchal hell-hole their once-proud country has become under the thumb of feminists as a complete waste of space worthy of no loyalty.

A survey of married mothers last week showed many traditional women believed politicians were encouraging single mothers and preferred them over two-parent families; this just proves them right.

The only consolation is that things like this bring the inevitable collapse and burning of this shitty Matriarchal society ever closer. It’ll be fun to watch.

PS: In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, don’t donate sperm! It probably won’t go to a proper couple, it’ll end up going to a single woman or a couple of lesbians, and your offspring will be raised in an “unconventional family” i.e., not a family at all. And you’ll get extorted for Child Support too.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:28 PM

At 5:50 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Men are necessary, after all, who else will pay the child support?

This campaign to allow single women to have fertility treatment is clearly politically motivated. By whom I think we all know, let’s just say the advocates of this policy probably don’t share their accommodation with a man. To a large extent this “families without fathers” process is already well underway as the family courts routinely seperate fathers from their children simply because the child’s mother wants it that way. The state then helps itself to a large part of dad’s wages to fund it all. Mummy’s happy with this arrangement and that’s all that matters isn’t it? Pity about all those feral kids roaming the streets night after night and generally getting into mischief. And let’s not forget that these single-mother kids are massively prone to drug abuse, alcoholism, crime and psychiatric disorders. Funny how Mzzzzzz. Whatshername forgot to mention this. No doubt she’ll find a way to blame men for these problems, her kind usually do. The decline of the Western world part 1.


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous said…

“Two lesbians and a child is not a family, it’s two lesbians and a bastard.”

No you are wrong, its two paedophiles and their sex toy.


At 10:01 PM, voloohaar said…

“Oh right, so no need for fathers then. Fathers are irrelevant and pointless.”

Duncan, Duncan, You Ought To Know By Now… Nobody said fathers aren’t important…. Just wait ’till it’s time to pay the tab for those “single mum families”, and you’ll see just how irrelevant “fathers” are then…


At 12:37 AM, Anonymous said…

I think I really am glad that I am in the US right now, we can watch you poor Brits jump over the cliff first, and THEN follow merrily along …


At 2:25 AM, Tony Sclafani said…

I’m surprised you’re surprised at this. It’s been going on in the US for years. If you plan on leaving the UK you might not wanna come here, because it may be worse in many respects.


At 3:21 AM, Anonymous said…

I wonder how Western Women would respond if, in retaliation and disgust, all Western Men decided to become religious monks?

Swing the cultural pendulum the other way, if you will.

I mean if Western Men decided that modern Western consumeristic life was shallow, empty, soulless, hollow and Western Women have all turned into biblical Whores of Babylon. Men choose a simple, ascetic life with few material possessions where time is spent in self-improvement, study, exercise, and manual labor. And women were ignored and treated as basically Devils on Earth (which is, of course, how they act).

I’m into the whole consumer comforts thing right now (e.g., computer games, satellite TV, latest electronics, etc…) and I try to ignore women (about 50% successful), but I’m thinking it’s maybe not enough to just attempt a negative.

Maybe it’s important that for men to be successful to work towards something positive that’s the exact antithesis of everything women stand for.

I’ve personally found when I’ve been able to immerse myself in a project or study women DISAPPEAR (from my consciousness).

Maybe the life of Copernicus was a good model…

A Fan,

Maryland, USA


At 12:54 PM, Man_Thropology said…

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